Change is your greatest ally on our personal journey toward spiritual transformation. There exists a popular saying, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.” Thus, if you wish to change your life, society, or even the world , you must set out on a voyage of inner exploration with the intention of manifesting change in your life. This inner voyage will ignite a process of outer change benefiting you as well as the whole of humanity. The most beautiful gift in life is your ability to change your course, no matter what course you have taken up until this very moment. You must always keep in mind that the past is not real, therefore, the past does not have the power to hold you back from living the life that you truly aspire to live.

Along your unique and precious journey of enlightenment, significant opportunities will be presented to you. Your task is to stay awake and grasp these opportunities for use along your travels. Every moment, every trial, every obstacle, and every so-called failure, is an essential part of your soul’s evolutionary process. It is imperative that you learn from every human being and every moment along your path. There are no coincidences in this universe; absolutely everything you experience is meant to be a part of your process here on this planet. Absolutely everything is the way it is supposed to be. Right here and right now, only perfection is present in your life.

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When embarking on your personal change expedition, it is vital to keep in mind a few indispensable factors. The factors listed below are not all-inclusive, but they will help to guide you in your quest toward personal and Universal transformation.

  • Discover the unique purpose that lies within you, and pursue this with passion and undying determination.
  • Instead of sitting back and thinking about the profound changes you desire to make in your life, gut up Now and take action.
  • Action is divided into small mindful steps that lead to your desired goal. Always remember to be present during each moment of your process, rather than obsessing over the desired goal and your expectations. (Much of our life is bypassed when we engage in tunnel vision, simply seeing the end rather than being conscious of the entire journey.)
  • Change for the good of humanity, without projecting selfish outcomes.
  • Remember change will materialize in your life as long as you consistently apply hard work, persistence, determination and virtuous intention of helping other human beings. (If your objectives are not aimed at helping humanity, they are meaningless.)
  • Always strive for excellence, going above and beyond of what is expected of you.

Now, move forward and begin manifesting the lasting changes you desire in your life.

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