It is New Year and part of your resolutions is to improve your health. As hard as it may look, there are fairly little changes you can act upon to start living healthier. Making life changes is taxing, particularly when you want to transform many things at once for positive lifestyle fitness. Although resolutions are always difficult to stick to, try this year to commit yourself.

Here is a list of some of the tips that will help you make lasting weight loss resolutions. Thus, if you want to lose weight, feel happier, and even live longer, consider the following:

Instead of indulging in candy opt for fruit

Fresh fruits offer much more than the natural sugar it contains including minerals, water, vitamins and fiber. Candy contains processed sugar and mostly it is not a significant source of nutrition.

Don’t go shopping while hungry

When you are hungry, you are more likely to buy fattening and unhealthy foods. So avoid it.

Learn how to cook for yourself

Cook your own food. This is due to the fact that it is hard to know and control what you are exactly getting when other people make your food. The best thing to do is to cook most of your meals at home.

Include fruits in your diet

People who eat fruit as part of their overall healthy diet are likely to keep away from chronic diseases. This is attributed to the numerous essential nutrients found in fruits.

Putting your fruit bowl in the middle of your dining table will not only make it easier to reach, but you are also more likely to get to the fruit when it is right there in front of you. Besides, you can as well use fiber barrier and the ice cream cake in the freezer.

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Correlate well with your siblings

Leading an active life is believed to be the key to happiness. Take time to call your sibling especially your sister. This is after the famed Harvard longevity study found out that people who had good relationship with a sister lived longer and were happier.

Prepare you food in cast iron

Iron is a crucial mineral for maintaining energy levels as well as helping to strengthen immune systems. You can therefore boost your iron consumption by eating food that has been prepared in cooking appliances made from cast iron. More importantly, it will help you avoid toxins in non-stick pan coatings which are carcinogenic in nature.

Watch your favorite comedy

Laughter makes you feel all right. And the good mood that you get when you laugh remains with you for a long time thereafter. Humor gives you a positive, optimistic attitude during difficult situations, disappointments, and losses.
More than being a relief for pain and sadness, laughter does not only make you courageous, but it gives the strength to find new sources of meaning and hope. Find something funny to watch that will keep you happy and help you achieve lifestyle fitness.


Meditation helps to relax the mind, calm you down and give you a balance that is beneficial to your overall health.
And these benefits don’t end when your deliberation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and as research has verified, it can lower the risk of depression and improve mental health.

Adjust your routine

Training yourself to learn how to use new techniques enhances your self control such as being humble. It is an impulsive kind of thing. Studies have as well found that after people have had to control themselves for a while by changing up a simple routine, they can control themselves more easily.

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Identify at least 5 unusual things

Alertness and awareness are unique character traits that most people lack. Thus, you must put in some efforts to become more aware of your surroundings. It is just simple: just open your eyes and look around. This will help you avoid unnecessary accidents and enhance the ability to relate well with others and our environment.

Offer to help someone else

If you want to live a really great life, then carry out sincere acts of kind-heartedness without expecting anything in return. Doing simple acts of kindness and concern will make your life more enjoyable, fulfilling and complete.

Stand up

Small amounts of physical activity, like standing, can have great health benefits. You should stand as well as walk for at least two hours a workday then gradually work that up to four hours. This helps to enhance your energy, regulate blood flow, improve your posture and above all, boost metabolism.

Try picking a card

Do not find excuses to skip your gym. Walk instead of driving, work out while watching television instead of just sitting and choose exercises that feel good. Just do whatever it takes so as not to miss your workouts.

All these are some of the tiny life changes to make for a healthier year and the best lifestyle fitness.


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