Whether you are going on a one-time trip with your baby or if you travel a lot due to job and other commitments, there are some things you should always carry with you. Since babies need a lot of attention, this implies carrying a lot of equipment without which you must not even consider going without. Children get tired easily, and because of this you will need a replacement for their crib or bed at all times. And the amount of things you need depends on the means of transportation. It is best if you would make a check list before starting the journey, so you can tick every item you do not wish to forget.

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Personal Hygiene

Obviously, the most important things you will need are personal hygiene items, which include a ton of diapers, baby wipes, diaper cream, plastic bags and a disposable changing pad. Although it appears insane to carry a bunch of diapers and wet wipes along with you, there is a logical explanation.

In case you don’t find your usual  diaper brand, and given that the baby’s skin can be very sensitive, an allergic reaction to new diapers might happen, which is definitely something you will want to prevent. Depending on the number of days you are going to spend on your trip, you should add a third of the amount of diapers you have planned to bring along, just in case. You never know what can happen – maybe some big delay happens and you get stuck for days in an international airport!

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Along with the aforementioned, you will also need a change of clothes, in case your little one makes a real mess during the trip. And bring an extra pack of baby wipes – not just for the baby, but for yourself – accidents happen, and you will be thankful once your hands (or clothes) get dirty. You will also need some antibacterial hand sanitizer, just in case you don’t find a tap you can wash your hands in.


If going by plane, the weight of your baggage will definitely be limited. Thus, you have to pack smart, because the majority of your baggage space will be occupied by your little toddler’s equipment. Make sure to separate baby food and snacks into a special bag, especially if your child is on a special diet, which you can put in the compartment above your head. Same goes with diapers and wet wipes. Bring an extra sweater because it might get cold when the plane gets off.

If going on a trip by car, you should have in mind that there is a limited space you will be able to fill in – but it will certainly be bigger than when traveling by plane, so you will need easily packable strollers which has a car seat that fits the frame and functions both as a stroller and a car seat. Some foldable ones even have a travel bag into which you can pack them, like Bugaboo strollers. Not only are they good for travel by car, but for airplane as well, because they can be gate checked. Another must have is an extra blanket – you never know how cold it is going to get in the clouds or during night road trip.

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Nutrition & Medicines

Depending on the age of your baby, you will need to bring baby food, snacks and enough liquid. You should double the amount you think you will need, because while traveling, children will spend more energy, and will thus need more food to compensate for the loss of energy. Pack all the food in Tupperware. Zip-lock bags are useful not only for food, but for dirty clothes, clean bottles, dirty bottles, snacks, etc. You will also need medications and a thermometer (check out this baby traveling first-aid kit for more advice). Before going on a trip, check if there is a pharmacy or a doctor’s office near the hotel you are staying.

A few more tips

For the fun part is concerned, some parents like to play cartoons to their children and install a back seat screen so that the child is amused during the trip; the only questionable thing with this choice are the headphones – whether to use them or not – because some disagree that young children should be exposed to noise at that age. If you don’t have a back seat screen you can download your baby’s favorite music and cartoons on your tablet or smart phone, and be sure to prepare a long list of road trip activities, you will find them handy. And at the end: don’t forget passports, ID cards, important medical documentation and most important thing: wallet.

The check-list:

  • diapers and diaper cream
  • baby wipes
  • baby cosmetics
  • (disposable) changing pad
  • plastic bags (for used diapers)
  • change of clothes
  • snacks and baby food
  • a bib
  • sippy cups
  • medications and a thermometer
  • toys (especially pacifiers)
  • an extra blanket and a pillow
  • baby carrier
  • stroller
  • road trip activity bag
  • documentation and money

Have a safe travel and don’t forget to write!

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