“Internet addiction directly influences the growth of minors. There should be no delay in restricting harmful Internet contents.”

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A teenager is usually open to sharing most aspects of their lives with their parents. They are even willing to tell them who their friends are, who they are dating or in a relationship with, who they are talking to or who they are hanging out with at any given time. They are even willing to let them know who they are on a call with or who they are talking to at any given time. But, there are some secrets that a teen is not as willing to divulge that easily, especially to their parents A child safety app can help you.

It is the secrets such as these that have the most negative impact on their lives, since it is common knowledge that the thing a person cannot share with another, it will never end up being something good or at least something in their best interests in any way. This is where the question comes in whether or not should parents invest in parental monitoring application.

What Are Parental Monitoring Apps?

Parental monitoring apps are the apps that were solely created for keeping an eye on people-people like parents that would like to know what their children are up to. These apps are also called spy apps and are used by partners who would like to know where there other halves really are and employers who would like to know what their employees are doing at any given time.

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Furthermore, it is also worth mentioning that, this app with its features like monitoring call and SMS logs, looking through browsing history, looking through various social media profiles and what not are all pretty invasive. This makes it a go to app by most people with nefarious intentions on their minds. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them such acts are punishable by law and the only people who have authority over the app and its use are:

  • Parents, watching out for their kids.
  • Employers, keeping an eye on employees.

There is a certain amount of disambiguation in the case of partners or people in a relationship in general. When it comes to the people who are married have a certain right over each other. This way, they are legally permitted to look into the affairs of their other half. On the other hand, a girlfriend may not be allowed to spy on her boyfriend and vice versa.

Never the less, this is not going to stop a girlfriend/boyfriend or a potential stalker for whom such an app can be extremely helpful to fulfill their nefarious intentions.

How Parents Abuse Their Power With The Spy Applications?

Parents, all around the world can benefit greatly by the use of spy applications. It allows them to:

  • Monitor their texts and call logs closely. Even have the ability to listen in on calls, and lead all sorts of text messages being sent and received.
  • See where they are and who they are with at any given time through camera and microphone bugs and GPS tracking.

Seeing the power parents have over their kids courtesy of spy applications, it is inevitable that they are going to abuse the power they have in one way or another. They have everything that their kids do and talk to their friends about in every single way. They have the intimate details about their child’s life and even know their deepest darkest secrets with a single click.

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This can be both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time. It is a good thing in the way that a parent can know what their child is all about. This way they can guide them and let them know whether or not the things they are doing are in their favor and will remain in that way in the long run or would you have to step in and take charge of the situation.

This is where the situation actually worsens and it all becomes a bad thing while some parents may give their kids a helping hand with the situation and steer them in the right direction. Others would halt their kids’ progress and stop them from doing everything which may end up in a mistake, completely disregarding the fact that they are stifling their child’s progress by putting an end to the mistakes they make. Little do they know that these very mistakes are responsible for their growth and learning process, which can have a negative impact on their lives and future.

Thus, it is not recommended for parents to abuse the power they have been given courtesy of spy apps and use their power for the best of their children.

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