Your child’s birthday party is probably one of the most important dates in both yours and your child’s year. And even though you are thinking you need to go overboard and make your child happy, you actually don’t. Unlike adults, kids find comfort and happiness in little and simple things, too so as long as you are planning them a party that agrees with their taste and needs, you’ll be just fine.

If you are not sure where to start when it comes to planning your kid’s party, we have singled out some tips we believe you’ll find helpful.

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It’s all about your kid

Since you are planning a party for your child, then involve your child in planning. Unless your child is a year old and can’t even point to what he/she likes, the best way to throw an awesome experience is to ask your child what it is that they would like. You can even make the whole process of deciding what to do fun – ask your child to draw on paper (or a blank puzzle) the perfect party. Then analyze what your little Picasso has drawn and voila! You are set.

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The theme counts

A unifying theme is what you want to go with. This way, no matter how diverse your party is, the unifying theme will give it the sense of unity and will give it a point. For instance, a trip to the aquarium could include name tags attached to iced fish-shaped cookies, fish-shaped invitations, aquatic-themed goody bags, etc.

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Don’t overdo it, time-wise

Short and structured parties are the best option for both the person who is throwing the party and guests. And honestly, nobody wants to take a vacation in order to attend your kid’s party, no matter how much they love him/her. The important thing to do is to keep kids busy from arrival to departure. As soon as most of the guests have arrived, make sure the main event begins. Serve food and cake in the final half-hour. You’ll know when to end the party when you see younger children grow tired or cranky. Or, you don’t even need to follow the signals but mark the duration of the party on the invitation. For instance, 12 – 4 is perfect.

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Keep the Food Simple and Fun

Nothing too fancy, please. Kids love their food and they want to recognize it on the plate. What you can do is opt for different shapes of cookies or cupcakes, maybe even flower or star shaped sandwiches will work, but nothing more than that. Serve foods that are easily grasped by small hands and don’t require cutting.

Birthday-Cake strategies

At parties, younger kids should always be a priority. Serve younger children first once the cake is cut. Whoever gets the cake first will have a feeling of instant gratification and kids will feel awesome. Since they allow all the kids to get served at once, cupcakes are a great option.

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities

We know you wouldn’t hire a stripper for your child’s fifth birthday, but then there were some terrible parents’ mistakes when it comes to activities. Toddlers are too young for complicated activities so you need to play by their rules and stay within their field of interest. Stick with familiar games. Children over 5 years old need more stimulation so for them, opt for something just a little bit more complicated: Consider hiring a dance teacher or a magician or plan a trip to a nearby miniature golf course or bowling alley.

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Also, know that kids enjoy creative parties. You can give them “chores” like decorating their own cupcakes or painting, drawing and similar. Here’s an idea: fill buckets with stencils, crayons, rubber stamps and stickers to decorate scrapbooks; provide pinecones, shells and buttons to adorn plain picture frames. You may even help kids make puppets for a follow up puppet show. If your child’s a bit older and has creative friends, you can all get together and make interesting disney costumes that they’ll later wear on the party.

Make Guests Feel Special with Goody Bags

If your budget allows it, goody bags are the perfect way to express gratitude for the fact your guests took the time to come to the party. Goody bags don’t need to be anything big – stickers, small books, snacks, containers of bubbles… There is one condition that must be respected – all presents need to be age-appropriate and safe.

Do you think our advice helped? If you have any other great ideas, share them with us and let’s all join together in making our kids’ parties the best possible!

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