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It’s a typical Saturday afternoon. The girls are ready to rock, but you don’t know what to wear. You get the clothes, got the shoes, the right perfume. Yet, besides eyelashes extensions, something is missing from the picture. 

Right, it’s your hair. You got beautiful curls, but they lack shine. 

The fix? Check out heycurls.com/3c-clip-in-hair-extensions and get clip-in hair extensions. 

Not sure whether you like the idea? 

Well, sit down and pour a cup of honesty. It’s time to get real. 


Curly Hair 101 

Curly hair is a gift from the Lord Almighty. But, it can be a personal hell to maintain. That’s not entirely true. 

At least, it gets much easier if you want to go natural. Curly hair requires a lot of maintenance, mainly if you chemically treat the hair. You are destroying your hair.

A lot of women participate in the natural hair community is to revive the natural weave. But, that process takes a lot of time and effort.  

Until they grow the natural hair, the best solution to style your hair and get the look you want is to wear hair extensions. 

Yet, even hair extensions have their limits. 


Hair Porosity 

Exhibition of Multicolored Clip-In Hair Extensions in Beauty saloon - SolVibrations

Knowing about hair porosity is an absolute must. Whether you want to go natural or not, take time to learn about the concept of hair porosity. 

Hair porosity is the ability of your hair to keep moisture. The less porosity hair has, the better. If you have high hair porosity, that means you have dry and damaged hair. 

When you have high hair porosity, it gets much harder to get proper hair extensions. And, it’s better to have shorter but healthier hair and wear hair extensions. 

If you have high hair porosity, you’ll have more trouble working with clip-in hair extensions. So, your first task is to determine your hair porosity type. Then, get to work girl. Reclaim your natural weave.


Hair Types 

Hold your horses. To do that, you need to know about hair types. Yes, the hair types are curly, wavy, and coily. But, each hair type has up to three categories, designated by a number and a letter. 

Now, you don’t have to become a hairstylist and understand all of that. Instead, ask your hairstylist to tell you more about hair types. 

Knowing your exact hair type helps you do achieve two things. It allows you to care for your hair. And pick the proper model of clip-in hair extensions. 


Curly Hair Maintenance 

You may wonder by now, why is hair maintenance so crucial? 

Well, you don’t want to buy that stunning Remy hair extensions and put them on damaged hair. Instead, you want the hair extensions to match the quality of your hair. 

Then, you become the stunner. You stand out and look gorgeous. So, here it’s like a Robert Frost poem. There are two roads to take from here. 

First, you get hair extensions and keep doing your thing. The second is to cut your hair, start going natural and get matching hair extensions. 

If you opted for the second option, you got the idea of investing in yourself right. It takes more time, but it pays off more in the long run. 

Let’s imagine that you know what you are doing. 


How to Pick Clip-In Hair Extensions

Exhibition of Multicolored Hair Extensions - SolVibrations

There’s an abundance of hair extension models on the market. But, getting the model right for you is all about knowing elementary facts about your hair. 

Then, you pick the right product and rock that new look.  


Match Your Hair Type 

The best thing about hair extensions is that there are hair extensions for each hair type. You can even browse the hair extension by your hair type. 

Of course, there are a lot more products for less frizzy and exotic curly hair types. But, some vendors specialize in this rare and exotic hair. 

Once you know about your hair type, match the extension with the hair type. You can miss all other things, but you can’t miss the hair types. 

You can rock a slightly different color or length. You can’t wear mismatching hair extensions.

It’s a no-go move on your part. 



Hairstylist Choosing Best Colorful Extensions - SolVibrations

Then comes the coloring. Most women pick hair extensions for their hair color. They look at the hair extensions and see a color they like, and the wallet comes out. 

Is that a good practice? Not exactly. 

Here’s the big secret. You can color most hair extension models nowadays. Women buy hair extensions similar to their natural hair color. It’s easier to color the hair extension to match your hair.

Yet, there are constraints, even for the coloring. 



Not all hair extensions are the same. They differ by materials. 

The most prestigious type of hair extensions consists of real human hair. This type of material is known as Remy hair, which lasts longer and looks better. 

Avoid synthetic hair, since materials of lower quality impede your look. 

Always check for the materials, read the reviews, and even call the vendor. Remember your hair type and materials are the carriers of a good look. 

Those two are the core of good-looking hair extensions.



Professional Hairdresser Making Hair Extensions SolVibrations

Now, the length of a hair extension is something you discuss with three persons. These include you, your hairstylist, and God. 

It’s more about aesthetics. Some girls prefer longer extensions. Others want to patch up a part of their scalp. 

In the end, this part is subjective. Make sure to know about all that other stuff, but choose the length of the extension by heart. 



The last thing you want to check is what hairstyles you can make with the hair extensions. Curly hair can get fairly specific. 

So, make sure to call the vendor and check what you can do with the hair extensions. The more quality hair extensions have, the more you can do with the hair extensions. 

Before you do anything, consult with your hairstylist. Styling the hair extension alone for the first time may lead to permanent damage to the hair extension. 

Take it to the pros. Now, you can get hair extensions for curly hair. 


Get Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Any woman can improve her looks with hair extensions. Give it a try too. 

After all, it’s the only thing stopping you from shining on a night out. You deserve that shine. Go get it, girl. 

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