Combination skin seems to be the most complicated skin type as it’s hard to identify and a challenge to properly treat. If you have combination skin, you might notice more oil on your forehead, chin, and nose area while other parts are dry or normal. Let’s take a better look at combination skin.

combination skin

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What is Combination skin?

Combination skin is when two or more skin types occur on your face. Usually, this is when some areas of your face are dry while the center of your face is oily. This is the forehead, nose, and chin – which is called the T-zone. This skin type also describes conditions, where breakouts or wrinkles are present as dry skin, can cause puffy bags under eyes and make them appear tired and wrinkled.

What are the causes of Combination skin?

Aside from genetics, there are a variety of factors that play a role in combination skin. Your T-zone area have more active oil glands while some have rosacea and extremely dry skin. Others suffer from inflamed, flaky blemish-prone skin that requires sensitive care products. The products you use may also play a role in your skin type as irritating ingredients can stimulate oil production in the T-zone area while making the rest of your face red and dry.

Moisturizers are often too emollient, which often clogs up pores and makes your skin feel oilier than usual. This means that you must use products that are appropriate for the different areas of skin types.

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How to take care of combination skin?

  • Begin with a gentle cleanser

Skip the harsh soaps and always use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser to wash your face. This prevents dryness and irritation. For combination skin, a mild foam or a gel-based cleanser is ideal. Be sure that your cleanser does not contain any fragrance or irritants, to help control your skin.

Never go to bed with your makeup on as this will lead to acne breakouts.

  • Use a toner

When using a toner, it must not contain irritants such as witch hazel, menthol alcohol, citrus oils, or fragrance. Use toners that offer antioxidants, cell-communicating ingredients, and skin-identical ingredients.

  • Wear Moisturizer

Use a light moisturizer to moisturize dry regions. A gel-based moisturize works well for combination skin.

  • Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen must be applied every day, even during cloudy weather. This helps prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging. For oily parts of your face, pressed powder and foundation will provide enough sun protection. Choose sunscreens with zinc oxide as the active ingredient, especially if you have rosacea and sensitive skin.

  • Exfoliate

Exfoliators with salicylic acid or hydroxyl acid are ideal for your skin type. Use gel or liquid forms for oily and blemish-prone regions and lotion for dry or normal skin. Exfoliation is important to get rid of black heads, white heads and dead skin cells that make your face dull. It stimulates blood circulation and leaves your skin polished and fresh. This is ideal as scrubbing will open up the pores and let your skin absorb creams and facial masks easily.

  • Use a Night Cream

Night cream will moisturize and repair your skin to give it a healthy glow by morning. Your skin will absorb all the vitamins as it works as an anti-aging cream.

  • Spot Treat

Use rich, creamy serums or moisturizers on your eye area if it is the driest part of your face. For normal regions, stick to a lotion-textured moisturizer! Toner will be enough for oily regions. Just be sure to avoid lotions and cream moisturizers for oily parts of your face.

  • Special Concerns

If you are probe to blemishes, use products with benzoyl peroxide to target ache-causing bacteria. Use facial masks at least twice a week. Using fresh and natural ingredients will boost your skin health.

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What products work for Combination skin?

As combination skin can be a challenge, using the wrong products in the wrong areas will only make conditions worse. In most cases, use different products like liquids, light-weight gels, or oil-absorbing products for your oily T-zone and creams or lotions for the dry spots on your face. Many often notice that their skin becomes well-balanced with the right products. For anti-aging, Bellaplex is a wrinkle reducer cream that will smooth skin and boost collagen.

Apart from this skincare routine, always be sure to eat healthy with a well-balanced diet that includes fruits, vegetables, cereals, protein, and dairy. Drink plenty of water, juices, and vegetable-based soups to keep your body hydrated. Exercise is key to promoting a healthy body and glowing skin.

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