When it comes to running a business, you have to see beyond success and failure. Your clients will ask to do business with you not only because you bring positive results. One of the main reasons they want to work with you is the fact that they like doing business with you because of your personality.

A client works closely with a member of your team or the whole team. If they don’t like even a single one of them, it can lead to problems like them working with other businesses.

Thus, it is important to ensure that they like your personality as well. It seems like a big task, but with simple changes or skills, you can get them to like you.

Let’s look at these ways:

1. Make an impressive portfolio

When it comes to creative fields, like photography, writing, and so on you need a portfolio. Well, you need a portfolio for every field as it helps show the clients what work you can do, and what you have achieved? You can design an appealing portfolio using Canva. It has various templates that you can use. Some tips:

  • Choose to show only your best work. Don’t clutter it by showing everything that you have ever worked on.
  • Have a simple portfolio on your website or create a blog, and show it there.
  • Create categories if you have a lot of work to show. It will make it easy for them to navigate it.
  • Talk a bit about yourself in the portfolio as everyone likes to see who you are?

2. Do extra work for the client

If you want to form a relationship with your client, you need to do a mile and beyond. Don’t stop at just what they asked you to do. Do more!

You may not like the idea of doing something for free or extra, but it can go a long way.

For instance: if you are a content writer and the client asked you to write a 700-word article. Now, don’t just use the information the client gave you. Use your personal experience in that field and research to make it a more productive article.

You can also add links to other pages so that it brings traffic to their site and so on.

Doing something extra makes them feel valued and shows that you do care about their success.

3. Make an unscheduled call to your client

Communication is important because it makes everything better. It can solve a lot of problems. So, make sure that you call your client unexpectedly. It is a personal call without an agenda. But it shows them that you care.

Also, you can get them to open about their expectations from a project or their dream project or so on.

It will give you something to talk about, which is not related to the project you are working on. An interpersonal relationship is important to build a life-long client relationship.

4. Include them in the process

Most businesses’ deliver the complete project at the end, which can backfire at them. It is because if you don’t tell the client what is happening with the project, or keep them in the loop, it could go another way.

It will make you on the project all over again. If you don’t want that, pre-deliver the project through mail or ask them to meet you. When you show them how the project will look, you get feedback from them. It can save you tons of time and resources. Also, it will help them see that their suggestions are valuable.

Liking the people, you work with and vice versa is important for a smooth business. If there is even a little bad blood, it can lead to a fractured relationship with no positive outcome.

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