Tradeshows attract many people with diverse reasons. While all who attend will be there to learn a thing or two about what’s new in the market and how to make wise financial decisions, a good percentage of them also come for freebies. It is thus a common thing to find many of the exhibitors in the tradeshow offering free giveaways.

The notion behind the freebies is not that of a bribe but an incentive, something that will remind the attendee of the company. Freebies are a form of advertisement that has an effect that should last well after the tradeshow. While that may be true, the giveaways need to be of a certain value and use to the person they are given to if they are to have such a lasting effect. As such, this piece seek to enlighten you on what you can do to have the best custom tradeshow giveaways for the next trade fair.


A t-shirt is always a perfect advertisement platform. However, how you choose to display the ad matters. Avoid doing simple ads that come across as rather dull. The modern person is of a creative and vibrant mind that seeks some sense of excitement in everything he sees or touches. Therefore, work with ads that capture modern fashion trends. It might be a small ad at the top left section of the tee but it still should stand out. On the same subject of tees, give t-shirts that are of a high quality material and go for colors that will be easy on the eye and still associated with the company brand.

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Bags come in at second place after t-shirts when it comes to selling the company brand. Just like with the tee, quality is of great importance, that and unique designs done for a few bags in different shapes and sizes will have diverse positive impacts. The company brand should definitely stand out on the bag but with an added touch of creative graphics or decor, which might be from the fabric or material used to make the bags or the prints done on the bags.

Customized Pens or Pencils

Promotional pens are never a miss in many tradeshows. In fact, exhibitors will be armed with customized pens for use in their respective stands and some as freebies for all who visit their stand. Make some nifty logos, catchy phrases, then print the company logo on the pen.

Log Flash Drive and Key Holders

Avoid making the common flash drives or and key holders in the common shapes that people are used to; get creative. Pick a strong point from the various products the company makes and design flash drive based on such. Alternatively, make the logo flash drive that will also double up as key holders. Remember that custom tradeshow giveaways are an advertisement platform so make the most of it with nifty prints or the company logo or brand.

The Gift Bag

Nothing comes close to offering amazing freebies like by doing so using a well-packed gift bag. It brings in all or some of the cool giveaways and has an impact bigger than that of offering single freebies. The gift bag can have branded pens, notepads, calculator, water bottle, key holder, flash drive, a cool branded tee, and of course the bag itself.

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