A city that’s mesmerizingly modern in its look yet preserves its old world charm on the other side, a city that has a few of the world’s greatest architectural marvels but is equally blessed with fabulous natural golden sand deserts, and a city that introduces the rest of the world to the best of luxury but at the same time, puts forth the most thrilling adventures – Dubai of course! Apart from beautiful beaches, pleasant sunshine, interesting heritage sites, magnificent shopping malls, and jaw-droppingly enormous luxury hotels, Dubai keeps in store hundreds of surprises for you.

Millions of travelers from around the world come to Dubai all through the year and the city pleases each one of them with its unique destinations. To add to it, the exceptional hospitality offers you incredible comfort throughout your vacation. Whether it’s a family trip, the honeymoon, a business tour, or a holiday with your buddies; Dubai never disappoints you!

Are you planning a superb vacation in Dubai soon? Make sure you plan it wisely because there are plenty of places you must visit, and without perfect planning, you will possibly miss out on some of them. Experiencing the cosmopolitan platter of glamorous features of the city along with several cultures dwelling together, is a delight in itself. To help you make it a bit easy, we’ve come up with the topmost attractions in Dubai that you must plan to visit first.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is probably one of the most talked about buildings in Dubai and all over the world. Well, you’ll get to know that there’s no wonder people can’t stop praising it. The grand entrance to Burj Khalifa is through the Dubai Mall. The building is 124 storied; take a swanky elevator ride and you’ll be at the top of Burj Khalifa within a few seconds. The view from the top floor is simply ravishing. Looking down at the beautiful picturesque of Dubai, you won’t be able to take your eyes off. On the 122nd floor of this iconic skyscraper is one of the finest dining restaurants and bar – Atmosphere. It’s an ideal romantic dinner venue, a memorable time of your vacation.

The Dubai Mall

Are you a shopping freak? The Dubai Mall is a perfect place for you then! Indulge in shopping for your favorite brands and products hosted by the extravagantly huge mall. This mall is among the most popular destinations among tourists and stays true to its image with its unique look and offerings. Compared to all other malls in the world, the Dubai Mall is a way different and much more exciting. Being one of the largest malls in the world, it is home to more than 1200 shops. It’s no wonder if you enter the mall and feel like coming to a mini city within Dubai. Moreover, it provides you with easy access to a few more hot destinations including Burj Khalifa, the largest aquarium in the world, and Dubai Fountains.

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Jumeirah Mosque

The snowy white structure with extremely intricate design details, Jumeirah Mosque is the most photographed mosque all over Dubai. It is no wonder considered the most beautiful mosque in Dubai, and is a stunning stone structure giving one of the finest Islamic architecture. It’s an exact copy of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, and when lit-up with floodlights in the evening, fascinates everyone.

Dubai Desert Safari

The next big thing on the list is the world-famous – Dubai Desert Safari. Unless your trip has desert safari in it, it’s almost incomplete. If you love thrilling adventures and action-packed rides, the best desert safari in Dubai is a perfect venture for you. Sitting in a 4×4 vehicle, you can enjoy the super exciting dune bashing ride. Apart from dune bashing safari, you can enjoy camel riding, quad biking, sand skiing, and hot air ballooning. As per your time constraints, you can choose the early morning safari, an evening safari, or an overnight desert safari.

While early morning safari allows you to fly with a hot air balloon and experience the golden sunrise, an evening safari lets you glance at the wonderful sunset. However, nothing can match the fun in an overnight desert safari. It additionally offers camping under the stars, henna tattooing, traditional costume photography, belly dancing show, and mouth-watering BBQ dinner. Go test your adventurous instinct; the safari won’t let you down!

Dubai Marina Walk

Nothing matches the experience of taking a lazy walk along Dubai Marina. To know why it’s here on our list, you must keep it on your must-do checklist. Dubai Marina is a beautiful, refreshing pedestrian walkway as long as 7 km, extending from the beginning of the Marina Bay and ending at where the Bay finishes. While you take a slow walk with your partner’s hand in hand, a lovely background of some stunning, tallest clusters of buildings grabs your mind. This place is amazing to visit at night, while everything is beautifully lit-up to make the panorama even more enjoyable! Once here, you’ll spend hours in peace, forgetting everything else.

Dubai Dhow Cruise

When in Dubai, you cannot miss a trip to the Dhow Cruise. A wonderful dhow welcomes you with the typical impressive hospitality and then as the evening proceeds, cruises down along the Dubai Creek to gradually take you all around the city of lights. While you enjoy a super special romantic dinner on the cruise, it introduces you with the minutes of the city’s personality.

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Palm Jumeriah & Atlantis

The most beautiful white sand beach, Jumeirah Beach offers a lifetime experience. The beach is vibrant and its frontage features a number of resorts, large hotels, lifestyle projects, shopping complexes, and what not. The list also includes the Burj Al Arab – popularly known as Arab Tower Hotel, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Wild Wadi Water Park, and the old-style Madinat Jumeirah. The most fascinating, extravagant man-made island – The Palm Jumeriah is the most recognizable feature of the Jumeirah region. It is home to some of the finest dining restaurants, hotels, luxury villas, and private gated residences. Moreover, as you ride along the Palm Road, the signature Atlantis Hotel that falls at the end of the road instantly captures your eye. It’s undoubtedly a unique structure and hosts an Aqua Venture Park where you can take your kids for unlimited fun!

Old Dubai

Contrasting to the glam and glitz of modern rather Downtown Dubai, the Old Dubai features a perfect view of the Bastika Area – Bur Dubai. With just a glimpse of the culture and architectural style in Dubai during its early period, you can’t help but fall in love with the old city as well. It’s a memorable experience and the Abra Ride makes it even more unforgettable. The typical Arabian style of architecture outlines the Bastakia that takes you along several intriguing arrow lanes. While you take a reminiscent peek into the bygone of Dubai, the must-see Majlis Gallery introduces you to a stunning collection of traditional Arab furniture and ceramic articles in a wind tower.

Gold Souk & Spice Souk

You might know that Dubai is a popular destination for having the world’s largest collection of gold and diamonds under one roof. The Gold Souk actually mesmerizes you. The genuine quality gold at the cheapest price in the world is worth to buy but even if you don’t plan to buy anything, experiencing being at this place once is worth a lifetime. Adjacent to the Gold Souk is the Spice Souk. It’s the biggest traditional spice market in Dubai and offers a wide variety of spices, herbs, incense, and traditional medicinal products.

Now that you’re ready with the list of top attractions, book your holiday soon!

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