If you have a big house and a garden, you have to put in some extra effort to decorate this piece of nature in an urban environment that emits peacefulness, serenity and calmness. It does not matter what you use it for – whether it is a spot for family’s morning coffee sessions or big get-together’s with a number of guests and a smooth jazz band, or, on the completely other hand, a place for gardening, flowers and herbs – your garden needs to be decorated in accordance with modern styles, themes and designs. Once you achieve this, you will soon notice that your friends are paying more visits to you; therefore, here are several tips on how to perform creative garden decoration.

Fountains and Other Extravaganza

Providing that your garden is already taken care of, trimmed and ordered, you can start adding more and more details to it. Alas, be certain to keep it classy if you do not want your source of pride to turn into a second-hand shop with too many crowded things pushed together into a small space. A small fountain is always a nice centerpiece around which you can arrange other items and when it comes to purchasing a fountain, avoid getting one that is too big and will take too much space. Yes, relaxing sounds of water dripping and trickling are very soothing and pleasurable, but if you own a smaller-scale garden, it is probably better to opt for a bird bath – this will attract birds whose song will add to the serene effect. Plus, birdbaths are quite stylish and can make your garden look like the one from Wright’s film Atonement: classy, dashing and memorable.

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A garden is a flower-enthusiast’s dream come true – there is finally enough room for all different types and sorts, but what you can do to make it more decoratively appealing is convert an old sitting bench into a spot for your flower containers and pots. Plant other flowers around it and make an entire arrangement around this central part which gives gardens a more sophisticated look.

Seating Arrangements

In order to fully enjoy your garden, it should also include a seating area for teas, coffees and breakfasts. Luckily, the choices are virtually limitless today and you can even order outdoor furniture online and have it delivered to your home address. You can combine a bench with some chairs and a suitable table and, in case you decide for wooden materials, these can be combined with your flowers, color-wise. The optimal solution regarding position of the seating area in the garden is the presence of a big tree with a wide top and branches that provide shade and allow you to spend hours underneath it.


Naturally, a garden must be surrounded by a fence, but that does not mean that it has to be plain, Tom Sawyer-looking, simple collection of white limber nailed in a row. You can color it vividly and add some extra details – flowers, lighting, bird boxes, a mirror or even a mural that can be painted by your own children. This will ensure that your garden is personalized and completely unique.

Finally: Enjoyment

So, when it comes to landscaping, there are a few rules you should follow – do not go overboard, do not add too many items and make a concept that you will follow. An idea that has been proven successful over and over is putting something in the garden’s center and adding other details around it. That way, you will be able to enjoy it endlessly and spend countless hours in it.

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