Have you ever been annoyed with the small rooms in your home? If you are, it is the perfect sign that you should change something about it. If you strongly believe that a successful redecoration of small space is the mission impossible, well, you are wrong. If you are willing enough, you could turn such rooms into a delightful oasis of harmony and peace. The organization and plans about this entire venture are based on two crucial things. Firstly, you should use almost every millimeter of your free space. Once you have done that, you should focus on numerous details that would trick anyone’s senses. Visual illusion is definitely a great idea, which will add depth to your tiny room.

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Internal beauty of wooden floors

The best way for you to redecorate your room is to completely empty it. That is how you could easily spot all its flaws and try to fix them. First things first, you should start with floors. If the floor is covered with carpeting or linoleum, you have to definitely replace them with something else. Although they were extremely popular in the past, today, they are difficult to maintain and they are not an ideal aesthetical solution. One of the best ideas would probably be the stripped floor, especially the bright one like light oak, which would add the illusion of depth to your space.

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Warm and bright colors

Colors play an important role when it comes to the interior of your home. They could make a room look small and confined, or large and bright. If you are tired of dark and intensive colors, you should try out more natural and bright ones, such as bright yellow or orange, white and beige. Such colors would open up your space, making it more hospitable. Avoid choosing too aggressive colors, which negatively influence your behavior and feelings. The choice is up to you!

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Cozy and functional

Another important thing is the right choice of furniture. Avoid large furniture such as bulky couches or gigantic wardrobes. The selection of more practical furniture, such as love-seat sofas or cozy armchairs provides your room with more free space. Also, you should add one of those great multi-functional pieces like an interesting mixture of bunk beds and a handy storage compartments. Apart from being a comfortable bed, they serve as a place for your TV, video player, books and even clothes. Finally, you could undertake even more radical venture and start using your airspace. For instance, a suspended bed could be a futuristic and creative idea which would save a lot of your space. Also, choose brighter items, which would open up your space even more.

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Impeccable tiny details

The next thing you should pay attention to is the details. Although they seem less important, they sometimes change the complete looks of your home. Take care of the sufficient amount of light. Firstly, you should pick lightweight and transparent curtains that will provide your room with more natural light and fresh air. Avoid velvet, plush and heavy fabrics which would shorten your space. Make sure that your space is provided with enough light fixtures which would provide your room with artificial light. Apart from the above-head chandeliers, you should buy a porter floor lamp or plug-in sconces, which serve as an additional source of light and more importantly, they require little space.

When it comes to making your room brighter, you should also put mirrors near windows, which would reflect both natural and artificial light. Statement mirrors, edged with the finest, polished metal in various forms, could be a great solution for you. Except tricking your senses by reflecting numerous parts of your room, they embellish the space making it immensely beautiful. Their choice depends on the customer and sometimes they look like as a real piece of art. The price makes them affordable to anyone and, since their dimensions are small, they could be placed wherever you want.

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Flawless insulation for your feet

Area rugs could also add a completely different dimension to your home. When you choose them, you have to think about numerous things, such as the purpose of the room, its shape and, of course, comfort. They have to be cozy and to provide your feet with a warm insulation from cold floors. That is the reason why shaggy rugs have always been so popular. Their interesting looks, as well as warmth could be great for any occasion. However, the only thing you need to bear in mind is the color of the rug. Since the space is small, try to choose brighter colors that would match with your walls and furniture. Various nuances of one color could sometimes be a perfect idea. Smaller and brighter area rugs would be a splendid choice for your small space!

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Finally, as you could probably notice, redecorating and reorganizing small rooms could be very creative and relaxing process. Following these tips, you will make your space warmer and more sophisticated, without cluttering the unimportant stuff. Try to do it and you won’t regret it!

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