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creative ways to save moneyMaking the most of your money is important, whether you are single or have a family. You have probably heard of commonly touted ways to save such as buying in bulk, packing lunches, and making coffee at home. However, there are other more unusual ideas for saving cash you may not have considered. Here are five creative ways to save money.

Creative Ways To Save Money

creative ways to save money

Reduce Meat Consumption

Serving several meatless meals each week can save you serious cash. The Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition conducted research on factors in various types of diets, and it found that vegetarian diets using olive oil as a healthy fat are cheaper than meat-based eating. In fact, those following plant-based diets can save about $750 a year.

Even if you do not wish to go completely meatless, several plant-based meals weekly can save money. Vegetarian dishes also can help you get more of the vital grains, vegetables, and fruits that help the human body thrive.

Combine Insurance Policies

Practices that protect people from financial risks were systematized by traders from Babylonia and China as far back as the third and second millennia B.C. Today, carrying insurance is a standard practice for most people. In some cases, coverage is legally required law, and insurance has general benefits.

  •          It safeguards you from sudden, unexpected losses.
  •          Should a loss occur, such as a house fire, it can help you find shelter and rebuild.
  •          It can support a family if a primary wage-earner dies.
  •          If someone else is inadvertently injured, such as in an auto accident, it can guard you against financial devastation.
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Many insurance companies have begun offering discounts when you carry multiple policies with them. If you need Denver insurance, agents can guide you to the right policies for you.

Shop on Wednesdays

Many stores, especially those selling groceries, introduce new deals on Wednesdays. When you shop midweek, you can take advantage of these sales. Most retailers also will accept coupons and honor deals from the previous week. In addition, by shopping on Wednesdays, you can avoid the crowds present on busier days.

Turn Off Water While Washing Dishes

Be mindful when it is time to wash up in the kitchen. Wet all of the dishes stacked in the sink either with a quick rinse or by spraying them, and turn off the water to scrub. Turn the water back on to rinse. Saving water has a real, measurable benefit to your wallet as well as to the environment. If you wash dishes once a day by hand rather than by using a dishwasher, you can save 200 to 500 gallons of hot water every month.

Treat Yourself

Sometimes, you need a small extravagance, a little luxury. Use self-control, but by letting yourself buy something you really do not need (a new tube of lipstick, for example), you can ward off the urge to go on a big spending spree later. When you do not feel utterly deprived, paring down and cutting back becomes much easier.

These five ideas for saving money may not have been foremost in your mind, but they can make a real difference to your bottom line. By paying attention to where you might be wasting resources and throwing away precious dollars, you can protect your wallet without feeling denied.

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