Wedding day is definitely one of the happiest days in every girl’s life! This is the time when she says her “I do” to the person they love, when they get to celebrate with friends and family that joyful occasion and make it a memorable adventure!

An interesting thing about weddings is that they are expected to be a certain way. Well, maybe it’s time you prove everybody wrong and show them that weddings don’t have to be sterile or clichéd but rather creative and unusual! If you’d love to give creativity a try yet you are not sure how to do it, here are some ideas you can follow and make this wedding absolutely adorable!

1. Go with the season

Depending on the season you choose to go with for your wedding, choose the wedding style. If, say, you are organizing a summer wedding, opt for some fun and interesting accessorize to the table or the way you’ve be serving food and drinks. For instance, serve lemonade, juices and other refreshing drinks in jars, decorated with pieces of fruit. If you are, maybe, going for a winter wedding, throw in Christmas lights, fake snow and other decorative things that will add charm to the whole thing.

2. Make it fun

If you are throwing a smaller wedding or even a wedding party, you can assign each table with a task – organize it so it makes sense. Each activity should be related to another one so when combined they give sense to the game you thought of. You can even rent out a venue with a pool. I’ve recently been to a friend’s wedding where there was a pool and we all ended the night jumping in and having a blast. Although the invitation did say “bring bathing suites” most of us thought it was a joke but, as it turned out – it wasn’t!

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3. Surprise your guests

Your guests will be pleasantly surprised if you dedicate them a handwritten, personalized note letting them know you are happy and grateful to have them there! Writing “John, thank you for flying from Canada!”, “Lilly, thank you for managing to find a sitter for the kids and come!”, etc.

4. Guest book

Usually, traditional guest books end up stashed somewhere in the closet and you forget all about them. Instead for going with a traditional book, have a little book for each table. Trust your guests with giving you a love advice, something that they’ll find important and useful for you to know in your married life. Later, you can frame some of the messages and advice you’ve got and put them up in your bedroom.

5. Pick a theme

Why not go with a theme wedding? Naturally, you’ll inform your guests of the theme in advance. You can pick any theme you like and make it as fun as possible! You can even be in charge of getting the masks and giving them to your guests. Hand them out at the entrance and let your guests choose which one they’d like!

6. The songs

Pick a song that was meaningful for you and your partner when you were dating to be the one playing while you are walking down the aisle. Same goes for the first dance. Write it in the program and explain it to your guest “We kissed to that song for the first time”.

7. Food

There are usually two options for weddings when it comes to food – caterers and buffet table. Why not make it interesting and have caterers dressed in an unusual way or unusual color? Or, if you are going with a buffet table have the food decorated a certain way. Have it shaped in hearts or other love themes that guests will love!

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8. Photo-booth

Rarely anything is as sentimental as wedding photography! All the amazing moments captured in a photo – simply wonderful! Problem with photographers in weddings is that they can be a bit pushy and boring and taking pics of people who don’t even want to be in pictures. Plus, it costs a lot! To avoid your guests getting annoyed you can have a photo-booth installed and take a photograph with all your guests who wish to have a booth-photo with you. It will be amazing and fun and absolutely unexpected!

Organizing an unusual wedding isn’t that hard, especially if you have a good budget at your disposal. Just think of things YOU would enjoy at someone’s wedding and see how it would fit your party!

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