Dehradun is a city with diverse-rich culture. It is a major part of northern India as it is the capital of Uttarakhand state. It is a major commercial hub in the region and has long been the hub of education. Meanwhile, the city is also a popular tourist destination in north India. Visit the city in your next vacation to spend a memorable holiday. For accommodations, there are a number of good Dehradun hotels to choose from.

Dehradun, popularly known as a stopover to the backpackers heading to the hill stations and revered sites in north India, is the capital of Uttarakhand. Though the city existed since long, but it grew in prominence and significance following the event when the state Uttarakhand, which was then known as Uttaranchal was extracted out from Uttar Pradesh. As the new state got formed, Dehradun was declared as the capital of it.

Meanwhile, it is a beautiful city that is situated in the Doon valley of the Shivalik hills. The city being the political center of the state government is significant by all means. It is one of the most renowned hubs of education in the northern region of India. The city is an upcoming city, which already is the hub of commerce in the region. It is home to all aspects of modernization, including multiplexes, shopping malls, airport, railway station, and lavish Dehradun hotels.

The prestigious Doon School of the city is amongst the oldest and highly praised schools in India. It is an all boys boarding school that was established by the British in year 1935. Following the Independence of India, the state government realized the significance of the school and kept it running. Today, other than being a major center of learning, the boarding school is also one of the major landmarks in the city. It is a one of the finest remnants from the British Era and is a popular place to visit in Dehradun.

Meanwhile, Dehradun is a land of various religious legends and beliefs. The city finds mention in the Hindu epic Ramayana. It has been mentioned that lord Rama along with his brother Laxmana visited the site while they were returning back from Lanka. Another belief says that guru Dronacharya, the famed guru of Pandavas and Kauravas was born here and lived in Dehradun for a while. Sikhism also left huge impact on the city and its people-culture. Following the Muslim rulers, the city came under the reign of Sikh rulers who ruled the city for 24 years.

A good to know fact about the city, Dehradun started being called by its name following the events when the Sikh guru Ram Rai came to the town who was followed by his followers. The guru along with his followers set camp in the region for a while resulting into the name of the city. Note that, Dera/dehra means camp and doon is the Doon valley.

On the tourism front, the city is one fine place to spend a vacation visiting ancient temples and exploring colonial past. Nature has always been good to the city that makes it ideal for visit anytime in a year. The city is mostly sought by honeymooners and families. But it is also ideal for solo travelers and adventure seekers. The major places to visit include: Sahastradhara, Malsi Deer Park, The Museum, Robbers Cave, and Tibetan Buddhist Temple. These are just the most popular ones, and there are many. A trip to Dehradun is also an opportunity to gusto the best of north Indian cuisines. There are a number of restaurants and dhabas serving a variety of appetizing cuisines that one has ever tasted. Apart from these the luxury Dehradun hotels are known to feature some of the best restaurants serving best Indian and international cuisines.

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