Everyone had dreamed about their perfect wedding at least once in their life. It does not matter what kind of a dream you had, it surely can come true in Sydney.

Sydney has to offer amazing indoor wedding venues, dream like parks and sandy beaches. All you need to have is a clear picture of exactly what you want and you will be able to get it in Sydney, whatever it is, to the tiniest detail.

Indoor Weddings

There are literally hundreds of interesting venues for your wedding and each one of them offers their special packages. The offers range from bridal spa and relaxation packages to bachelor and cocktail parties.

Interiors of some of the venues are simply amazing and you can always decorate it according to your own style. Match the color of carpets and curtains to chairs, tables and silverware. Choose the color and design you imagine and they will prepare everything else.

Outdoor Weddings

Usually there are two types of outdoor weddings: the ones organized in parks and the ones on a beach. Each venue is special but one is more private than the other, so the choice also depends on whether you prefer the public eye watching you, or you just want your friends and family around.


Centennial Park is simply amazing. This huge outdoor venue is very close to Sydney. You will most certainly find what you are looking for somewhere on these 360 hectares of land.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens and Observatory Hill Park are both located inside Sydney and they offer different views over the harbor, while you are surrounded by historic pavilions and different plants and flowers. There are also gigantic trees all around to shade you.

Another great place is the University of Sydney grounds. This park has become more and more popular for weddings over the years. It is so popular nowadays that the University of Sydney offers their own team for organization of events.


There are many breathtaking beach wedding venues in Sydney, and if that is your choice, you will have a really rough time choosing the one. To ease your pain, there are some things that may help you decide. Every beach has its own laws and regulations, so you need to adopt yourself to them, or find the beach that suits your needs the most. For example, some beaches don’t allow chairs, so if that is your plan, find the one that does.

The first one to mention is certainly Bondi beach. It is the biggest, the most famous, and, of course, considered the most beautiful one. It is surrounded by parks and restaurants, so you can have your post-wedding celebration right there. The Boathouse at Palm Beach has dreamy ocean views and since it is located on the Peninsula of Pittwater it also offers a great amount of privacy.

Balmoral Beach on the other hand is another very popular wedding venue with stunning views over the city and Sydney Harbour National Park. There is also a small rotunda located there, perfect for wedding ceremonies. Whale Beach is a sandy beach that offers breath-taking views over the Pacific Ocean and restaurants there boast with award-winning cuisine which you certainly don’t want to miss out on.

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As we said, there are literally numerous choices, just imagine what you want and you will most certainly be able to find it, or even come up with something better.

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