You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.

— Winston Churchill

drama free workplaceIf you’re like most human beings, you deal with a lot of drama in your life. Our daily drama can cause stress, frustration and certainly takes a ton of energy to deal with. You may say, “That’s just life.” But guess what, this is not the case. If you sit quietly and see the essence of life, it has no drama in it. It is human beings that create drama and all the daily noise we battle in our lives. Drama is a unique product of the human being, not life itself. Drama is not “just life” and we do not have to be a part of it.

If you did a quick assessment of the drama in your life, I am sure that a great deal of it is found in the workplace. Thus, that is what I want to discuss. Workplace drama is most likely the largest cause of unproductivity and dissatisfaction with one’s job. It can kind of seem like you are back in high school all over again. Of course, without the fun and wonderfully insane parties or the Friday night football games. This drama includes cliques, trash talking, gossip, and on and on. I’m sure you know the drama I am speaking of all too well.

I can guarantee you that joining in with this drama is not going to help you climb the corporate ladder, get a raise, or become more satisfied with your job. Drama will create nothing but negativity and will hinder your productivity no matter what career you’re in. In many workplaces, drama takes up more time than the real purpose or mission of the organization. Thus, you may want to avoid the drama and simply do your job. Wow, what a concept.

If you want to be a part of the integrity in your workplace I am here to help you with that. I will present 13 tips that will help you to avoid the drama and avoid creating your own drama. As a result, you will be successful, happy, and more likely to end up where you want to be in the organization. So, if you want a promotion and to make more money I suggest you become friends with these 13 tips for a drama free workplace and follow them regularly.

Tips for a Drama Free Workplace


1. Do Not Be a Mind Reader

A lot of drama in the workplace comes from trying to read the minds of others. Do not attempt to read the minds of your co-workers about anything. Directly communicate with them and not make things up in your head and developing false theories. Communication is the key to a drama free workplace.

2. Avoid Overthinking and Analyzing the Intentions of Others

This goes along with the previous tip. We often think and obsess about others intentions in the workplace; we consistently question whether they are working against us or trying to sabotage our work as well as many other concerns. Always avoid engaging in this behavior. The best thing you can do is to believe in the positive intentions of others and keep a positive attitude. No matter what, always assume the best and work on changing your perception to always see the positive in everyone you work with. This is not going to hurt you in any way and it will definitely benefit your attitude and motivation. If someone is out to get you, so be it, in the end they are going to get themselves.

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3. Dismiss Yourself from The Drama

Do not get sucked into the gossip, negative trash talking, or constant complaints. Always have a plan on how to escape and what to say when you are confronted with it. Something like, “Sorry, I don’t like to get involved in that type of stuff,” works well. Diplomatically escape the situation and stay far away. You will be glad you did.

4. Avoid E-Conflict

Never engage in a heated discussion via email or text. It never turns out well. It’s very hard to gauge emotions and intent when communicating electronically, so keep that type of communication for unemotional business discussions. You may get a text or email that really fires you up but you must not feed into it. When you need to have a conversation that include emotions please talk directly with someone either by phone or in person.

5. Control Your Impulses

I’m sure you have dealt with annoying and frustrating people in the workplace that you really wanted to tell where to go or perhaps punch them in the head. You must always breathe and calm down before reacting. If you must, walk away or simply say let’s talk about this later. In relation to the previous tip, please don’t text or email back right away if you received an annoying message that caused an intense emotional reaction. There are things that you cannot take back and can lead to horrible consequences if we react impulsively. You will feel better if you discuss it later after a walk or counting to 10 or perhaps 10,000.

6. Vent and Express Your Thoughts Outside of Work

Much of the drama in the workplace involves venting, complaining, and bad mouthing someone. If you truly need to do this, do it outside the workplace. People overhearing this type of behavior love to create problems and feed into that stuff. Be professional and know where to engage in certain behavior. You are at work to work.

7. Always Remain Mindful of Your Purpose

You are at work for a specific reason. You have a job to do and I am sure you can do it well. Always be mindful of what your job is and what your ultimate purpose is in the organization. This will keep you on track and out of the drama flow. You are being paid because you have value. Do your job well and you will be rewarded.

8. If It Feels Like High School Behavior Don’t Do It

We can all regress back to past behavior and feed into behavior that is nostalgic. None of us are immune to this. Make sure you always ask yourself if what you are doing is immature and negative. Deep inside you know what you should be doing and what you should not. Take time to slow down and assess your behavior. This will keep you out of a lot of unnecessary and negative situations.

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9. Solve Conflict As Soon As Possible

Bottom line is that you are going to have conflict and that’s okay. Just be sure to confront it and solve it as soon as possible. This will do wonders for your relationships and for your serenity level. Do not let things stew in your mind until you explode. Direct assertive communication is one of your greatest tools in the workplace.

10. Let Your Work Prove Itself

Do your job and do it damn well. This is the best way to shut people up and gain their respect. Stay out of the drama and focus on doing your job to the best of your ability. Do it with passion and go the extra mile. You have to be there so you might as well succeed while you’re at it. This will do amazing things for your life as a whole. We spend a hell of a lot of time working so enjoy it and achieve your dreams.

11. Treat Everyone Equally

Everyone you work with is a human being and should be treated with respect. I treat the director the same as I treat the secretary and maintenance man. You do not have to impress the cool clique or treat people according to labels. You will earn a lot of mutual respect if you treat everyone as people, just like we should be doing in all aspects of our lives.

12. Be A Problem Solver not a Problem Maker

Focus on solving problems in the workplace. See things as they are and find solutions. This is what work is no matter what type of career you are in. We should not be causing problems at work we should be solving them. Our mind should always be focused on solutions and nothing else.

13. Leave Your Personal Life where it Belongs

I’ve seen all too well how bringing intimate details from your personal life can affect you in the workplace. As discussed in previous tips, work is for work. Yes, you are human and your personal baggage is always with you; however, you can limit how it effects your job. Trusting people with every intimate detail of your life can turn into a tragedy at work. Be careful what you share and work at dealing with your personal issues outside your place of employment. Perhaps a therapist. They do help!

I believe the tips I discussed will help you to avoid drama as well as help to not create your own drama. Make sure you keep these things at the front of your mind and I guarantee you will be the person people look up to. All of these tips are also strategies that genuine leaders focus on. Be a leader and stay out of the unproductive and energy draining drama that is all around you. Good luck and enjoy the process of creating a drama free workplace.

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