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When a drug or alcohol addiction begins to tear at the fabric of your life, it is time to consider a complete detox. Trying to detox at home might seem cheaper and more convenient, but it can hold a few dangers that you should consider first. Below are seven sound reasons that you should enter a professional detox program.

Reasons To Never Attempt Drug Or

Alcohol Detox At Home

The Importance of Knowing Your Current Health Condition

Substance addiction can rob your body of the basic nutrients and vitamins that are needed to stay healthy and to maintain the rejuvenating ability it takes to defeat illness. A professional detox program will provide a check-up and give an overall health assessment. It can pick up on potential health problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. Trying to cease taking drugs or alcohol while lacking certain nutrients and essential vitamins can lead to a serious health emergency.

Possibilities of Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Medical detox centers manage the detox procedure for many people each year. The expertise in care from extensive experience in what type of withdrawal symptoms can be expected from the wide variety of drugs and alcohol. An accurate assessment of the type of substance addiction, length of addiction, and the amount used can help zero in on the possible severity of the withdrawal symptoms. If you have never undergone detox before, you can be caught completely off guard at sudden severe symptoms.

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Dangers In the Lack of Professional Monitoring

A professional medical detox center provides quality medical monitoring of every client 24-hours a day, every day of the week while in the program. Monitoring your progress during the detox process is one way to detect a possible serious problem earlier. You can feel confident that medical training and skill will help ensure your safety during the entire program. Taking your chances at home can leave you with little or no options if a problem arises.

No Access to Medications to Ease Withdrawal

A medical detox program and center will have access to a selection of medications that can alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms. It can make you feel more comfortable during this tough time. Attempting to do detox from home will not allow you to have these medications, which most people do not realize exist. Your treatment team can help you stay as comfortable as possible. You are more likely to complete the detox and continue with the recovery process.

Unequipped to Handle Sudden Medical Emergencies

No matter how much planning you might do to attempt detox at home, how prepared are you for a major medical emergency that arises from the process? Not every addiction is serious enough to place you at high-risk, but some addictions can lead to life-threatening situations when ceasing use of the substance. Opiates and alcohol are two addictions that commonly result in serious health emergencies if you do not detox in the right way.

You May Give Up When Withdrawal Gets Severe

You may have the best of intentions when attempting to detox at home, but the moment you become disoriented and extremely uncomfortable with withdrawal symptoms, you might cave and begin using again. It is a perfectly understandable event to happen, especially with the extreme levels of withdrawal symptoms with some drugs and alcohol. Entering a detox treatment program will help you stay strong, motivated, and moving towards successful addiction recovery.

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Temporary Home Detox Failure Reduces Chances of Further Detox Attempts

Attempting to detox from a serious substance addiction from home is almost always a recipe for disaster. You may not have anyone around to help monitor your health. It might also prove difficult if fellow addicts stop by and provide temptation to use. The inability to complete a home detox will leave you with a feeling of failure. It can create a barrier to seeking a traditional medical detox program, which is a better and safer way to become drug or alcohol-free.

The process of detoxification from drugs and alcohol is a vital initial step in the battle to become addiction-free. It is imperative to seek a safe and experienced program that will help you get the substances out of your system in a comfortable, successful way.

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