As you consider your long-term health plans, it might also be time to start considering a change in your lifestyle that will allow you to alter your health for the better. One of the best things you can do for your health is to lose excess fat and tone your body with exercise and a sensible diet. And despite popular conceptions, this sort of toning and fitness program can definitely be done on even the most limited of budgets. Forget about hiring a professional trainer of buying one of those expensive diet plans. There are simple ways you can maintain a slim, well-toned body even if you are on a budget.

Counting Calories

Every single diet and exercise plan known to man revolves around counting calories. Whether its point systems, low-carbs, or portion control, these are all just variations on the main principle of limiting caloric intake to a certain amount each day. Anyone can find out for free the amount of calories needed to lose weight in their specific situation. Simply get on the internet—go to the library if you don’t have home internet—and look up BMI, or Body Mass Index, calculator. You can also Google terms such as “calories needed to lose weight.”

Every person can figure out the calories they need per day to lose, maintain, or gain weight by typing a few pieces of demographic information into online BMI calculators. These calculators will ask your age, sex, height, current weight, and desired weight. With this information, a resulting recommendation will be made regarding the calories you need to lose a certain amount of weight. You can even adjust this number to lose weight faster or slower depending on your individual goals.

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The first step to getting a toned body is fat loss, and the unalterable principle behind all weight and fat loss is calorie restriction. This calorie restriction can be done with food from local Australian markets or with food from a grocery store or garden anywhere in the world. You don’t need fancy point systems or complex, celebrity endorsed meal plans: you can do this on your own and eat anything—as long as you read labels and stay within the recommended calories needed for you to lose weight. By the way, if a food doesn’t have a label, you can almost always look up its calorie content on the internet. Today, everyone has the information needed to get fit and toned.

Creative Workouts

Following the idea that anyone, anywhere can get fit and toned with calorie restriction, it makes sense that good exercise is accessible to everyone on every budget as well. Fancy, expensive equipment and luxurious gyms aren’t needed to get a handle on the basic movements of body toning and the most effective, heart-rate-increasing exercises. People with a limited budget in limited space can tone their body. Even people with no gym membership in a one-room apartment can get fit and toned. Things like push-ups, sit-ups, and planks work your chest, abdominal muscles, and core muscles—and these exercises require no equipment. Stretching, burpees, and jumping jacks are other simple examples of working out for free. Good exercise is the second pillar of getting fit and toned—the corollary to calorie restriction—and it can be achieved anywhere by anyone on any budget.

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Journaling with Pen and Paper

The third pillar of getting fit and toned on a limited budget is a cheap notebook and a pencil or pen. Writing down your goals, your progress, and your emotions as you go through it all is a necessary part of the process. First, you need a notebook to keep track of your calories each day—the rest of the plan doesn’t work without sticking to the necessary calorie limit. Second, keeping track of your daily exercise—the number of push-ups you do or the length of your walk—allows you to set progressive goals and see improvements that will motivate you for a long time.

Lastly, just getting down on paper your thoughts and ideas about your own fitness plan helps you to see the beauty of the process.


Health supplement providers, large gymnasium owners, and celebrity diet-program-hawkers would love you to believe that it takes a lot of money to get fit and toned. But the truth is that anyone, anywhere can do it without spending an extra dime. It just takes motivation and discipline. Besides, it’s extra rewarding to achieve more with less. As you consider long-term health plans and your NI card, it is a great time to consider a near-term, low-budget fitness plan.

So, figure out your calorie needs, think of some creative exercises, and get your notebook and pen ready to chronicle your fitness success.


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