Jade Benny is a passionate advocate of higher learning. She encourages people to get educated through written works posted at Inspire Education and in blogs such as this one. In here, she will be discussing the benefits of using technology in the classroom.

Traditional schools may still be caught up in the past. Many of these would probably prohibit the use of laptops, tablets and mobile phones in the classroom because these may be considered unwanted distractions. However, some educational institutions are taking the other route and are using these very gadgets as instructional mediums. Are the others better off following suit and adopt technology education now?

Benefits of Taking Technology in the Classroom

1.  Increase student interest

One of the reasons why students refuse to go to school is boredom. Their low grades may not directly have something to do with their IQ. Some of them are just not able to connect with their teachers. But will you be able to see a youngster today who is not be interested in surfing the net, watching TV or texting their friends? In short, technology makes them tick. It’s the first thing that they would think of in the morning and the last thing that comes into their mind before they sleep. This interest can be translated to education when technological mediums are used.

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2. Offers vast resources for teachers

In the teaching profession, there are other resources that provide more comprehensive information aside from school textbooks. These can now be found online. For example, educational institutions that conduct research may provide access to their papers through their websites. Take note that information could also easily change after the publication of textbooks being used. Through online teaching resources, one may be able to provide newer information to students if needed.

3. Makes teachers more accessible

Getting educated does not start and end in classrooms. Students may need assistance completing their assignments at home. Take into consideration that the subjects being taught today are far more advanced than yesterday’s curriculum. When stumped for ideas, who else is the best person to help students with their schoolwork other than teachers themselves? Social media sites or VoIP services like Skype will let students be able to chat with instructors as a collective group or individually.

4. Students could make use of media tutorials

YouTube is not just a place to upload funny personal videos or the latest music video that will rival Gangnam Style anymore. This could also be considered your teaching partner if you can find the right tutorials. The problem when it comes to teaching is that the information handed down to students through lectures could be gone in a matter of minutes. With video tutorials, it would be easier for them to relive your lectures and can even put this in replay mode if they want to.

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5. Equips students with what’s essential

Even the simplest jobs today would require you to have at least a bit of knowledge in technology. It would be difficult to land a job when you do not have the right skills and most employers now are looking for individuals who know how to use a computer. Cashier work for example is just a touch away on a computer screen. Technological skills are something that you can hand down to students in the classroom and this is something that they would be able to use in the future.


Expectations from you changes with the passing of time. Should you stay behind or move forward with it? Technology is the current trend and with new discoveries being made, this is expected to be even more sophisticated in the coming years. By allowing students to make use of it in the classroom, transitioning to a highly technical job later on would not be so much of a problem.

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