Stacy: Did you hear about what happened with Kobe Bryant?

Lisa: Yeah, I knew he was a dog when he first cheated.

Stacy: She about to get a bunch of money too; that’s what he gets.

Lisa: I agree

Stacy: Ohhhhhh, how about that new Keeping Up With The Kardashians App.

Lisa: Girllll, you late; downloaded it 1 year ago.

Stacy: Damm! I gotta get me one of those phone’s that could do that.

Lisa: Lol! Broke Ass!

Stacy: Whatever *itch Lol!

Lisa: Did you know: Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith are gearing up to debut a special New Year’s single on “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest 2012” on Saturday night.

Stacy: Whaaaaatttt! Did you just say 2012?

Lisa: Yup! Red carpet dot com girl; I was there a long time ago.

Stacy: You be up on all that.

Lisa: Got to

Stacy: Are you going to church on Sunday?

Lisa: Yeah, of course. You know I love my Jesus.

Stacy: Me too

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(whispers) I’m bored, let’s talk again shall we?

I was having a nice dream, what is it?

Cocky aren’t we?… also your still dreaming.

Sorry about that. I just don’t like to be woken up; it makes me angry. photo credit: Renee Keith via Getty Images

Correction: It makes me angry, not You, and plus your still sleeping.

By the way, who are you again?

Hahahahahahaha! I love it when the will is not used; they tend to forget.


I am your false self, ego, but you can call me Legion.

Ohhhhhhh yeah; right. What did you mean when you mentioned the thing about the will?

Let me ask you something first: “who told you that you had free will?”

It’s a common thing; everyone says it.

I am aware of this, but how can one have free will if their choices, lifestyles, food choice, thoughts etc. have been manufactured?

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What are you saying? Please make it easy for me.

Let’s say that I am your mother and father, which is not far fetched from the truth. I tell you something as a kid, and you believed what I told you from then on, up to adulthood, with no doubts of me ever being wrong. Someone walks up to you and says: “hey, your mom and dad are full of it, why would they tell you such a thing?” You start to have doubts of what I told you as a child, and at this moment you notice something. You notice you’re thinking for yourself. You were not born with will; not of your own making anyway. However, you were born free (by right) but I made you a slave. So it really comes down to you having to free the will. The will is only a tool, which is apart of your dna.

My favorite word.

You mentioned being my mother and father as an example, but you said that’s not far fetched from the truth. What did you mean?
You count on me for: protection, survival, food, personality and much more. Isn’t it not written in your law?

What law is that?
This is something you must search for on your own.

How can I trust you when there is so much dis-information everywhere?
You Can’t!

Oh Lord!
Hahaha! What difference does it make? Your talking to yourself anyway. No one else can hear me, see me, or even sense me but you right now. If you cannot trust yourself; then, you do not have anything.

But you are not me.
Correct, but I am a part of you. Haven’t we already talked about this.

Yes, i remember now.
Question: What do you think of when you see the word ment?

Not sure, but if you put an al at the end, you will have the word mental.
Good Job! I agree; however, if mental is directed towards the brain, what do you think ment means?

It should mean close to the same thing.
Great! Ment means mind. When you have this kind of truth, it helps you along the path. When you have your own business, you often have to put money into the business in order to make more money. Same thing with knowledge; you use the knowledge you have to find more knowledge. Don’t just stay where you are, because that will slow you down and stop you from progressing to the egg.

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I’m not even going to ask.
Good! So I assume that you got it.

Yes! It seemed so direct using what I already knew about.
Good! Back to the word ment. Ment means mind, so we now think of the words: judgement, testament, accomplishment, acknowledgement, adjustment and so on.

Very interesting.
I am going to mention one last thing to you and then I must do a semi disappearing act.

This is taking it back to the word judgement. Alot of people like to say this or that person pissed me off, which is a “statement” I want to go with right now. This statement is a officious one, because your I AM or God does not see this as being the case. Your I AM or God see’s it like how you see a “schizophrenic,” and how they talk to themselves or extensions. Your arguing with someone, but your God see’s you by yourself hollering and screaming at yourself. That other person do not really exist; however, they are a figment of your imagination. You are truly responsible for your own actions, even if I have convinced you to do so. Hahaha, you can’t blame it on me either. I am only responsible for holding back the un-pure from making it to the egg. Your God wants the best of the best to return, but reborn through the source, becoming your own salvation. Salvation is not appreciated when it is freely given, but is truly appreciated when one has done all of the self work to obtain it. Praying for a paycheck does not give you a paycheck at the end of the week or bi-weekly. You have to go out there and actually work in order to earn your paycheck. If you don’t work for your own salvation, you’ll find yourself working for mine.


Shhhhh! Only from the astral realm. photo credit: Renee Keith via Getty Images

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