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It’s no wonder why nearly any modern home is equipped with advanced LED lighting units. Not only that they provide money-saving capabilities but they also increase the safety of your home and overall health of your family. 

There are many different approaches in resolving the idea of the right lighting setup for your home, you just have to know what you really want to achieve. 

In the following lines, we will give you useful tips and information that will help you along the way. All you have to do is to picture how you want your home to look and where you should go to look for those units.


Don’t Know Where to Find Energy-Efficient Lighting Products?

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Today, it gets easy to find just the right outdoor lighting and led strip solutions for beautiful outdoor decorations. You also have some amazing recommendations for indoor lightning style, all you have to do is browse the internet a bit and dozens of ideas will pop out.

If you don’t know where to look for quality lightning products, then we highly suggest that you check out Domus lighting collection to find the ultimate solution. Let’s start now by figuring out what are the best lightning units according to their performance and your needs.


What is the Most Suitable Bulb According to Its Performance?

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In today’s market, you can find fluorescent tubes, halogens and LED bulbs. Of these three, the ones that turn out to be the most popular these days are those that have LED technology. As compared to traditional light bulbs, they last up to 15 times longer, use 90% less energy and significantly reduce electricity bills.


Choose the Efficiency You Need According to Space

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The question that many buyers ask themselves when they have the packaging of a light bulb in their hands is how can all this information help me select the right one? 

Well, initially, it is essential to know about the efficiency of the bulb. For example, the number accompanied by the letter W indicates the number of watts you consume. Ideally, in the case of LED bulbs is to choose the lowest number, as it will help reduce electricity consumption. 

In many cases, the information found is a comparative that references the equivalence in watts for the lighting unit. As a 4Wled bulb is equivalent to 60w incandescent, that means that it has an efficient consumption. However, it still illuminates as a 60 watts light bulb. 


Do Not Forget to Take into Account the Luminosity

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How to know how much brightness to expect? Simple, the luminosity is measured in lumens, the more this value is higher – the more light will emit at the time of use. 

This information is essential when you choose the bulb to illuminate a dark or very light space. For example, if you have a kitchen covered in white tile, you will need less light to not saturate the area with too much brightness due to the reflection effect of the surface of the walls.


Define What Spaces Need to Be Illuminated

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If you want to create the perfect atmosphere at home, fill the work area with energy, explore how colors enhance the environment, complement the decoration, or simply save energy. 

For this, the color temperature must be taken into account; LED technology lamps can give warm or cold light creating different environments. Warm white tones produce a soft, traditional light that is used to provide a cozy atmosphere. 

If the idea is to create a modern and energetic environment that stimulates concentration, a cold tone should be chosen. The information about the color is in the packaging of each bulb.


Verify the Safety and Control of the Bulb You Chose  

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You should know if it will be exposed to weathering, humidity, or voltage variability.

Therefore, decide where you will use the bulb and in what environment. Since it can be exposed to numerous factors that can do damage to your home.


To Choose the Right Led Lighting for the Home We Must Consider a Few More Things

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That LED lighting offers many advantages as most of us already know. When buying led lightning, we must take into account the quality of the diode, the connection, the components, and the base. All these elements will make our LED unit last more or less.

The best type of LEDs is the SMD 3528, 3060 and 5060 or the LED Type COB. The kind of light we need as well as the color is also essential when choosing the correct LED unit for your needs. 

A point light is not the same as ambient or other generic light. As for the color temperature we should always choose between 2700 and 3000K that offer a warmer glow. The cooler or bluish lights are ideal for work. However, Optical aperture is also another factor to consider. The openings that provide better lighting are those that move between 30º and 40º.

And finally, the issue of the heatsink is also crucial for the durability of the unit. Aluminum is one of the most recommended materials, this can determine the measure of the lamp’s useful life since it affects the temperature that should not exceed 40º Celsius.

To illuminate the different areas of your home seems like a simple task that doesn’t require much attention. However, the right type of lighting, according to its use, can represent not only a significant money-saving but also safety. Numerous studies have concluded that it even benefits the overall health and mood of your whole family. 


Would You like to Spend Less Energy on Lighting? 

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Here are four things you can do to get started:

1. Turn off the light more frequently

Often the simplest can be the best. Remember to turn off the lights in the rooms you are not staying in. 

2. Choose more energy-efficient light bulbs

Everybody wants to live in an energy-efficient home. Right?

When your light bulbs need replacing, be sure to choose the most energy-efficient options. The lumen indicates the luminous flux, or how much light a light bulb produces. The more lumens per watt, the more light you get per kWh.

Light bulbs are energy labeled. Do you want to make the most energy-efficient choice? Then you should choose light bulbs with A and as many pluses as possible. As a rule, LED bulbs will use less energy than other energy-saving bulbs.

3. Plan better

For many, creating a simple lighting plan will be energy smart. It allows you to think through how the different rooms in the home are used, and what different needs you have for lighting those different rooms.

As a rule, it would be smart to add basic lighting to each room that suits most purposes and adapt with additional light sources where you need good working light. Dimmable bulbs make it easy to reduce the amount of light when you want a different ambiance in the room. Still, it is also possible to create a cozy ambiance in other ways.

Many electricians have a lot of experience with lighting and lighting planning. They will be able to give you useful tips and advice on how to plan and install the lighting in your home. Then it may be natural to set up a system for controlling light simultaneously.

4. Control the light

Are you one of those people who forget to turn off the light? Then throughout the year, you will throw a lot of energy and money out the window. This is easy to avoid with light control.

Light control can be made easy – by using timers, main switches, and motion sensors. But it can also be done more extensively through a comprehensive system, for example with fixed programmed lighting settings that automatically turn off lighting during daylight. 


In Conclusion

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Upgrade your energy efficiency reputation by investing in high-quality lighting products that will also improve the overall mood of your whole family. Just as you upgrade your home lightning systems you will see improvement on so many levels that will affect both your mood and your wallet.

Look for the products delivered by trusted sellers like the one that we mentioned in this article and do not hesitate to ask them for any advice or concerns. We hope that you will soon find the optimal solution for illuminating your home with new energy.

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