Whether one is a religious person or not, Puri is certainly a good holiday destination for all. Mostly known for its religious significance, the city is primarily seen as a pilgrim destination. People often find it hard to see it in the different aspects other than its spiritual aspect. It is true that most of the people visit this city with religious purposes in their mind. Still, it is also true that there is a certain percentage of tourists who head to the city for other tourism purposes, such as visiting the golden beach, understanding the rich culture, zest the appetizing culinary cuisines, learn the city’s history, take a lazy break from the typical city life, and more.

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Owning a huge religious significance, the city is among the most revered destinations in the country. It is a part of Char Dham pilgrimage centers and is one of the 7 most holy cities in India. There exists several temples and religious sites, dotted in different parts of the city, which are the pristine venue of worshiping. To name the most significant ones include: Shree Jagannath Puri (the very base of the city), Shankaracharya’s Gobardhan Pitha, Shree Lokanath, Chakra Tirtha, Sunara Gaurang, Mausima, Shree Gundicha, and Bedi Hanuman. Meanwhile, these temples are also the visual delights to a visitor. For a tourist, the temples are great architectural marvels and the remnants of the past.

At the mean time, a city-worn visitor may also see Puri as an excellent opportunity to rejuvenate and to relax. They can head to take a break from the typical city life, and spend laid-back holiday strolling at the city’s sun-kissed Golden beach, checking out the market places, and trying out the appetizing culinary cuisines at the restaurants. Finally, if one is still left with some extra time, then he can checkout the other famous tourist places near Puri. Simply, take help from the trusted Puri Travel Guide and best experience tourism in the city.

Hotels and accommodations:

As Puri receives a huge wave of visitors throughout the year, so in order to cater all the stay needs of every traveler, today there exists several hotels in the city, accommodating devotees and tourists. There are hotels of all types and budget ranges, from 1 Star to 5 Star hotels. Following is a small summary of Hotel Santana, conceived as one of the best Puri hotels to choose.

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About Hotel Santana:

Strategically located at C.T. Road, Shrivihar, the hotel is a good option to consider. The reason to choose this hotel is its value for money attribute. For a reasonable price the hotel offers both luxury as well as basic amenities to the guests.

If you want to best enjoy your tour of the city whilst relishing every comforts and conveniences, and also keeping a control on the expenses, then this is the hotel to choose. For the conveniences of visitors the hotel arranges airport/train pickups. Besides, being one of the best 3 Star hotels in Puri, it is itself a major landmark in the city. Hence, can be easily accessed from any location in the city. Ideal for both business and leisure travelers, the hotel boasts of ultra-modern amenities and services. It is interesting to see a luxury-modern hotel in this small city. The rooms are tastefully designed, and are the promises of total comfort and contentment. Each room is lavishly appointed and consist of every single in-room amenities that one hopes.

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