Filled with countless historical attractions and also hosting an increasing number of modern pleasures and attractions, Jaipur is rapidly turning into an excellent destination for vacationing. Places like the Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and others make the city simply irresistible. Head to the city to explore all its attractions and for accommodations. Choose from the hotels in Jaipur with prices best suiting your budget.

Jaipur the magnificent city in the state of Rajasthan is a city that best exhibits the opulence and regality of Indian maharajas and royal families, even in the present time which is centuries after the era when the lands and people were ruled by royal families. If one has an inclination towards Indian royal families and their grand history, Jaipur is the city to head to. It is simply stuffed by large number of forts, palaces, courtyards, bungalows, etc. Today, the city is the capital of the encompassing state, and is rapidly gaining prominence as being a modern city which best combines urbanization with age-old history and heritages.

When in Jaipur, one of the must see sites in the city is the Amer Fort, also spelled and pronounced as Amber Fort. It is a grand structure with thick-huge walls, on inside of which exist number of beautiful palaces, courtyards, pavilions, halls, temples, and royal residences etc. The fort is located in the town that shares the same name, which is Amer. The Amer town is a small town with an area of roughly 4 km. It is about 11 km from the Jaipur and serves as a main itinerary in the list of sightseeing in Jaipur. There are buses, taxis and cabs available, dropping one to the Amer from Jaipur. Besides, a couple of good hotels in Jaipur with price best suiting luxury travelers’ wallet, also offer transportation service to Amer.

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Speaking about the Amer Fort, it is simply one of the grandest forts one has ever been to. However, it is good to know that the site where the fort today stands was originally occupied by another structure that was built by the Meenas, who were the prior founder and rulers of the town. It was later Raja Man Singh, who commenced the construction of the fort over the ruins of the prior structure. Later, his descendant Jai Singh I expanded the structure to its extent. He was then followed by successive rulers who kept the expansion work going for about next 150 year.

An interesting fact about the fort, in the vicinity to the Amer Fort, there stands another fort, called as Jaigarh Fort, which is located just above the Cheel Ka Tilla hill. It is said that both the Amer Fort and the Jaigarh Fort are a part one single complex as there exists a subterranean passage connecting the two forts. Today, the Amer Fort along with five other forts in the region are declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was the royal residence of the Rajput families, and is an architectural marvel. The large ramparts and streak of beautiful gates mark the existence of the fort. It is built up of marbles and red sandstone. Although it looks old from outside but in the inside it features beautiful gardens, buildings, and structures of prominence’s, including Sukh Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, and Diwan-i-Aam.

There are four different gates taking visitors to four different parts of the fort. Of the four gates the Suraj Pol is considered to be the main gate. The gate faces east from where the first sunlight enters the fort. Hence, derived the name of the gate. Another significant gate in the fort is the Ganesh Gate. There is also a pious temple of Sila Devi near to Ganesh Gate. Both the temple and the gate are major points of interest.

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Another major highlight of the Amer fort is the Magi Flower, which is an art carved out of marble. If one covers some parts of the art, flower in this case, then he can see seven designs including lotus, fish tail, elephant trunk, cob of corn etc. Simply pick your choice from the best Jaipur tour packages and head to the city to explore its allures and attractions. Jaipur is a beautiful city and is replete of places like Amer Fort.

Jaipur city, famously known as the ‘Pink City’ of India. Also, get to know about hotels in Jaipur with price and plan your vacation soon.

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