In today’s generation, women seem to be mentally caught up with cosmetic and beauty innovation. Even the most unnoticeable part of a woman’s body, not to mention the eyelashes can be cosmetically enhanced these days. Eyelash extensions have gone mainstream. Thanks to art and technology, a solution for women who have short lashes. One caveat however is that recent studies warn public consumers that the use of eyelash extensions can actually damage to eyelashes.

An Overview on Eyelash Extension

Eyelash extension provides an artificial look of long, full lashes. With eyelash extensions, lashes appear longer, fuller and thicker making a more sublime look of the lashes. Temporary and glued for up to 12 weeks, this eye-enhancing beauty product can be purchased from cosmetic stores or can be done in salons. Eyelash extensions come in length and thickness depending on how you want your lashes to appear.

Studies on Eyelash Extensions

According to reports, wearing eyelash extensions can cause serious harm to health. Firstly, there are many stories about allergic reaction to glue that is used to stick the artificial lashes. Secondly, because they are seated for almost three months on the eye, it is possible that dirt and bacteria could get trapped in the extensions causing eye infections. Moreover, when applying the lashes, they put weight on the hair follicles leading to damage. As an aftermath, lashes grow slower and thinner. In worse cases, the lashes fall out and never grow back.

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Studies conducted on using artificial eyelashes have been substantiated by the increasing cases of clinical appointments especially in Japan when many women went to see their doctors because of eye infection and other related problems following eyelash extension procedure. On the other hand, women who have come forward after putting the eyelash extension have gone wrong, claimed that most salons failed to conduct a patch test prior to the procedure, which would determine if a person is allergic to the substance used. In a nutshell, allergy, infection and retard eyelash growth are the major side effects of eyelash extension.

Home Remedies for Eyelash Growth

Now, the question is, are there any measures for the eyelash to grow naturally?

  • Doing a proper routine care is the simplest way to take care of your lashes. Never sleep with makeup on, and make sure to remove any traces of makeup by washing your face thoroughly or apply a good makeup remover.
  • Some natural oils are believed to be the tips on how to make eyelashes grow back. Castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil are known to be follicle stimulating solutions enriching a longer and voluminous appearance of lashes.
  • Opt-out the use of curlers. Eyelash curlers can actually make your lashes brittle causing breakage.
  • While some people claim that brushing eyelashes using a special comb can help strengthen and lengthen lashes, make sure to do it very discreetly so as not to break them.

To end, while eyelash extensions has been increasingly patronized in recent years, women should consider the risks that associate with it. While side effects rarely happen, but when it does, damage can occur to a greater extent. The best advice is to go for natural ways or concentrate on other ways of enhancing your eyes such as using mascara, eyeliners or eye-shadows. Like all hair, eyelashes follow a specific hair growth cycle. They may grow but if you are out of luck, they fall out or retard. The main reason why many people loss eyelashes is abuse, which includes vigorous rubbing and heavy apply of makeup. More than ornamental, eyelashes play an important role. They protect eyes from foreign bodies and stimulate blink reflex which is a body’s protective mechanism.

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