Wow! Your job is fantastic! Keep going! – This is how your team leaders praise you when your work is of a great performance. But, on the other side, you get admonished with a single mistake. You might blame yourself as you were feeling sleepy or inactive the whole day. Well, if you are somebody who spends all day at a desk and computer, then such chances of feeling low can occur, which directly impacts your performance.

Many people go to work hoping their day spent at the office will challenge them professionally, but in reality, spending 8-9 hours of a desk jockey life can be demanding on the health and wellness front, too. It can be lower back pain, wrist pain, lack of mobility, eye problems, and more.

What Can You Do To Counteract The Desk Job Troubles?

Switching is definitely not a solution. You need to find a great way. Well, it is simple. It is very well-known that our body needs movement. But, how will you manage to move your body with such a busy routine? Don’t worry! These activities are not too hard; you just need to follow these tips for good health:

1. Ergonomically Optimize Your Workspace

Sitting jobs are where you spend your time with a desk and chair and bang your head on computer screens. And yet, here you spent time sitting in a chair that’s too low with a desk that’s too high. Also, our neck bent down looking at a screen, making us feel like Quasimodo. Funny! But, it’s true. This can result in various problems like neck pain, eye strain, back pain, and more. Therefore, follow these instructions for ergonomically optimizing your work-space:

  • Select a great chair
  • Set your Monitor and Desktop properly
  • Set the appropriate height of your chair and the distance between the eye and screen.
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2. Stay Limber While Working

There are few things that can combat sitting troubles. They are:

  • Don’t stay in the same position for long hours. Make your body move. Stand up and have a walk. It is the best plan for prolonged spinal health that can consistently alter your work environment.
  • Take a break every 30 minutes. An eye on a screen for a long time, sitting in the wrong posture, or a stressful mind can lead to various problems or result in the cloud on the horizon. The choice is yours. Take a lap around the office, shrug your shoulders, stretch your arms, or do leg extensions. This also helps your mind remain stress-free as you take breaks.

3. Away From the Desk

To lower the bad effects of being inactive without sacrificing productivity, you need to follow these healthy tips:

  • Use stairs instead of a lift.
  • Walk to a coworker’s desk instead of calling them.
  • Suggest some meetings in standing position.
  • Have a walk during lunchtime after having a meal.
  • When someone comes to your desk, stand up to talk and stretch yourself a little at this time.

There are many tips and strategies that are available online to combat the evils of sitting jobs. The thing is that before you suffer any major issue; go after such good healthy tips to stay fit.

Written By:

Robert Gray

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