Festive seasons are meant to bring people together also to be full of happiness and joy. However, the seasons may come with stress, anxiety and even worse depression. People with depression can have their situation and condition worsening in this period. Though symptoms of depression can worsen any time for different factors and reasons, it can be worse during the festive seasons and holidays. In worst cases, it is associated with lack of fulfillment and disappointment for many. Depression sometimes results from having too many people around or even lack of people around you. You may have to host many guests. Other times, family members and friends may be too committed to hang out with you or share with you. Below is a discussion of how festive seasons can worsen depression.

Social Interactions in the Festive Seasons

Notably, there are several social interactions and gatherings in the festive seasons. People get together mainly in parties. For this reason, it is deemed a time of having fun and enjoyments. However, the experience tends to be different for some especially those who suffer from depression. While some people with the condition tend to get some relief from the interactions and presence of several people, some experience the worsening of the condition. There are various and different reasons and explanations to this factor. However, there are ways that one can avoid getting stressed in the season. Stress and anxiety may cause worsening or deteriorating of depression. Research indicates that symptoms of depression resulting from stress and anxiety are more in the festive season for many people suffering the condition.

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Why the Stress and Anxiety in the Festive Season

There are some factors that can lead to the two. One expectation from friends and family in the season may make one anxious. This is the time most people will expect a lot from you. Some will expect gifts while others will expect you to organize and prepare parties. Others will also expect you to hang out with them in different activities. Secondly, financial resources can cause you a lot of stress. The amount of cash you require may be too high. Also, the period is linked to the issue of dealing with uninvited guests. All these factors may increase depression as they will be stressors. A good plan, however, can help in avoidance of the stressing issues.

Social Isolation

The festive season is linked to having friends and family time as well as having fun. Ironically, some people suffer social isolation in the same period. You may expect to hang out and party with friends and family. However, during the period, most people are busy planning and preparing for activities. They may be held up elsewhere or invited elsewhere. For people with depression, such instances can worsen their condition. Having high expectations from friends and also, family can also result to the isolation. Expecting friends, invitations and gifts which you finally do not get or receive can make depression worse. You feel socially isolated and also neglected by both family and friends.

Having too much to do

Apparently, having a lot to do but with limited time can be stressing for anyone. Therefore, it may worsen depression for people with this condition. In the festive season, you have to deal with a lot of activities. If you are preparing for that party for example, you will need to do cleansing, shopping, cooking, baking and a lot more. Some people will be stressed if they do not have a person to render a hand and help them out. Also, it is usually cumbersome to hold parties as you need to have a plan for uninvited guests. You also require making invitations and making confirmations. All these activities can cause stress and anxiety and consequently worsen or increase depression.

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Grieving During the Holidays and Festive Season

Apparently, you can suffer loss any time of the year. Unfortunately, some people suffer losses of loved ones during these periods. The loss may be of a partner in a relationship through a breakup. Death of a friend, partner or family member increases stress. Thinking too much about the loss can lead to depression. If a person already has the condition, then it can worsen if they are grieving in the festive period.

Avoiding and Dealing with Festive season Depression

To avoid depression or worsening of depression in the festive period or during holidays, ensure you have a plan. Plan for your time and for activities. Also, make a plan for your finances. It will ensure you do not have a shortage. A good plan will aid in reducing stress and anxiety. Also, include friends and family in your plan. It will be effective in reducing symptoms of depression.


Notably, festive periods and holidays can be characterized by many activities and can result to both stress and anxiety. The two can cause depression or worsen the condition. However, having a plan before the festive period can help to reduce symptoms of depression. It will also make things easy for everyone.




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