Finding Inspiration When it is Lost. One of the most terrifying things that you have to face daily is losing inspiration. And here we aren’t only talking about writer’s block. It might also mean a lack of creativity or missing that cheerful way to view the world around us. But what can you do when facing this kind of situation?

Inspiration Unfortunately, some people still believe in muses, or that you need to be born with some special talent if you want to have inspiration as your best friend. But that is far away from the truth as all that you need is to ensure that you follow these tips below:

Change the scenery

One of the best ways to find inspiration is by changing the scenery. If you are sitting for hours staring at your computer screen, it certainly won’t help you much. So, you should go for a walk and enjoy the nature instead. Or have a bath, talk to someone over the phone, or fix some food for yourself. Anything will do, as long isn’t screen-related.

Don’t forget to unplug from all those notifications, alarms, and social media. So leave your phone behind and give yourself an offline break. It will allow your brain to create new connections, and it will relieve the amount of stress you might be going through. And this can be just what you need to get inspired.

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Try making art

Making art is a great strategy if you are looking for inspiration. You can do painting, coloring, sing a song, dance around, or try to do some handcrafting. As art wakes up different parts of our brain, those not connected to logical thinking, it will help you to see things in another way. It also brings beauty to you and make you feel more energized.

It doesn’t matter if you have no talent for art, as you can just throw everything you created in the bin afterwards. But the point here is expressing your ideas and emotions through a less-explored channel. If you have any doubts about it, try checking what artists have to say about how they get inspired. So, it might bring your creativity back on the road.

Talk about it

Another option is to talk about what you are trying to do, with someone else. The effort that you will make to explain the situation, and what you will hear from that person might help your brain to get back on track. Also, you might get some great ideas from brainstorming with them, even if you decide to discuss a completely unrelated subject.

Still, keep your conversations positive, instead of wasting your time (and other people’s also) with endless complaining about why you have lost your inspiration. What you want here is to think about possibilities, hear suggestions, and even have a laugh. Negative attitudes and feelings won’t help you for sure, but they will have the opposite effect instead (making you feel worse).

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Nobody to talk to? Then look for inspiring talks online to cheer you up.

Cultivate your creativity

Remember that inspiration walks hand in hand with creativity and that more you use it, the more it improves itself. So, even if you feel like if you were born without inspiration, keep trying to search for it. Use apps to support your self-learning process as well.

Change your routine as often as possible, even if it’s only your route to work, so you can see new things every day. Have a list of inspirational quotes around you both at home and at work. Rest assure that your inspiration and creativity will improve over the time and that you will have fewer difficulties when trying to be creative.

In a nutshell

There are many ways to bring back the inspiration you have lost. And yet you are the only one responsible for making it happen.

Inspiration isn’t a privilege but something that you can improve and increase it’s offer in your life. You only need to change your attitude towards it.

So take these suggestions seriously, and try them one after one until you find what works for you. And don’t be afraid of failure as there is always another day to start over again.

Finding Inspiration When it is Lost by Jonathan Emmen Originally Published on Creative Sol Vibrations

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