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floral arrangementsWith spring’s warm days upon us and summertime right around the corner, there’s no better time to start sprucing up your home and turning it into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. However, for those of us who don’t have the time, finances, or inclination to undergo a full renovation, adding some floral arrangements to your space can make a world of difference in almost no time at all. If you’re seeking inspiration to brighten up your space, follow these simple suggestions:

Decorate Your Home With

Floral Arrangements

floral arrangements

Line your outdoor space

The list of things that can make a basic set of steps much more exciting is short, but a few well-placed flowers certainly top it. Put some flowers in matching, or at least complementary, pots on either side of your steps to brighten up the path into your home.

Give your front door some added appeal

Adding some appeal to your front door can be tricky, but the right flowers can make a major difference. Attaching a small, single-flower vase to your door-frame can lend your space a whimsical feel, as can adding a floral wreath to your door itself. If you happen to have outdoor space on your building, like the charming waterfront balconies at The ViewPointe in Oceanside, try wrapping some pretty vines on the railing or adding some planters in the corners of the space.

Make your windowsills pop

Enjoy a prettier view by adding some planters to your windowsill. Not only will the addition of a few pretty plants make your windowsills pop, even if your view isn’t otherwise noteworthy, the sunny location will offer your plants the sunshine they need to thrive. If you have a window in your kitchen, you can also use it to your advantage to grow your own fresh ingredients; herbs are pretty easy to keep alive, even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, and locavores can enjoy the convenience and sustainability of having food that’s cooked and consumed in the very place it’s grown.

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Brighten up your guest room

Make your house feel like a home for your guests, too by adding a pretty hand-picked floral arrangement to the bedside table in your guest bedroom. If you’re eager to make your floral arrangement seem cohesive in the space, try using a few colorful flowers that mimic the wall color or match the room’s duvet, along with some more neutral plants, like a few sprigs of baby’s breath or some gerbera daisies.

Make your entryway more welcoming

Creating a pretty entryway is the first step toward making a welcoming home. Instead of just storing your keys and mail on the table in your entry hall, make it a more elegant and inviting space by adding a weekly floral arrangement, too. If you’re working with a small space, a short globe planter is your best bet, but if you have more room to play around with, try some taller blooms, like sunflowers, gladioluses, or delphiniums.

Create a living wall

Even if you don’t have garden space, you can still make plant life a major part of your design scheme by bringing the living wall concept indoors. Add a mixture of test tube-style vases, slim profile rectangular planters, and mini terra-cotta pots to a wall in your bedroom or office using floating shelves. Space your shelves unevenly to mimic the feel of a gallery wall while adding the beauty and brilliance of the natural world to even the most ho-hum space.

Turn your bedroom into an oasis

Making your bedroom a more charming and beautiful space doesn’t require a huge home makeover; all it takes is a little creativity and vision. Chalk painting a pair of Mason jars in a pretty hue and using them as vases on your night stands can add a touch of whimsy to your room and is a great design decision no matter what your budget. If you can afford to go a bit bigger, adding some fresh bulbs to a rectangular or circular glass planter with a few colorful marbles in the bottom can instantly refresh your space without costing you a fortune. Similarly, adding some potted plants to your room in a variety of non-matching, yet still complementary hues — think flea market and thrift store finds, or ones you can easily repaint at home — can perk up the design scheme in your bedroom in no time while naturally purifying your air and making the room smell sweet, as well. Try plants like Christmas cactus, English ivy, peace lilies, or shamrock plants if you’re not much of a green thumb; they’re all super-easy to take care of, but can make any space look as polished as if a professional planted them.

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Making your home a happier, more inviting place doesn’t require the skilled eye (or the price tag) that comes along with hiring an interior designer. Adding a few bright blooms to your design scheme can make all the difference in the feel and look of your space in no time.

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