With the fast technological progress and accelerating globalization, industrialization and computerization trends, literally everything we need and desire, from food and information to entertainment and communication, has become instantly available 24/7 and with minimal effort required. We’re just one click or phone call away from anything we need – and we like it that way.

Nevertheless, the price of the consumerist lifestyle and the habit of immediate gratification can become exorbitant without due moderation and caution. According to certain studies, the self-same stuff that feeds us and makes us happy is making us ill at the same time: the number of people afflicted by diseases of civilization is on an increase across the globe, and the list of health problems caused by the modern-day lifestyle is being amended on a daily basis.

Recent research has shown that human well-being is degrading through this form of impulsiveness as demonstrated in proclivity to improper diet, lack of exercise and lengthy exposure to smart devices. Our emotional, physical and mental health may seem okay from our subjective point of view – but then again, we seldom notice just how little self-control we have grown to nurture in the era when instant gratification has become a norm.

Every once in a while, we should take time off, disconnect from social networks and reconnect with our inner Self instead of trying to keep up with the hectic world around us – otherwise we may become irritable, quick-tempered, impatient and passive aggressive. That’s where spa treatments can help: thanks to their healing, de-stressing and rejuvenating effects, spa and massage can prove an invaluable form of therapy in deterring and countering a host of lifestyle diseases.

Essentially, spa is Me time, and Me time is extremely precious for the human being, especially in the world where both external stressors and stress-inducing habits are increasing in both number and intensity. To help you stay on the right and healthy track, we have a list of top four common conditions closely linked to the modern lifestyle for which most clinicians recommend an appointment with your spa therapist as an effective preventive measure or supplementary treatment.

1. Obesity

A disease of modern era, obesity is caused by improper nutrition rich in fat and sugars, lack of exercise and sleep, depression and various other risk factors inextricably linked to the modern lifestyle. A starting point of many serious health problems, obesity is most efficiently treated and prevented by long-term diet changes, regular exercises and modifications in the daily routine, such as introduction of an active instead of sedentary lifestyle, refreshing spa sessions, acupuncture and certain massage procedures that target the critical areas of the body.

2. Anxiety

Due to disrupted sleep cycles, hereditary factors, extended exposure to increased stress and major modern life issues such as widespread terrorism and growing unemployment, as well as a host of case-specific circumstances, many people are becoming afflicted by anxiety, which if not remedied timely, can turn into a full-scale anxiety disorder. Characterized by restlessness, impatience, constant dread and fearfulness, irritability, lack of focus and other type-dependent symptoms, anxiety disorders can be remedied by psychotherapy, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, and some doctors often recommend relaxing spa and massage treatments, de-stressing hobbies and adequate physical activity as supplementary aids.

3. Insomnia

A common occurrence in teenagers, adolescents and adults alike, insomnia is frequently brought about by various factors pertaining to modern lifestyle which hinder adequate nighttime rest. Addiction to information, social networks and the TV combined with the human tendency to analyzing and overthinking only aggravate the condition, so it’s a small wonder only 30-35% of people suffer from insomnia. Since it inhibits our bodies and minds from recovering after daily periods of activity, insomnia can trigger and contribute to a number of physical and psychological problems, which is why it should not be taken lightly. To efficiently counter occasional and mild bouts of insomnia, your doctor will probably advise you to try different techniques for falling asleep fast or visit a spa center for a de-stressing session. In serious cases, however, medications, dietary adjustments and psychotherapy may be required in order to eliminate the underlying causes and consequences of persistent sleep deprivation.

4. Depression

According to WHO data, over 350 million people across the globe suffer from depression, and the number of pharmaceuticals for the psychological condition is increasing fast. It seems to be the plague of the 21st century – we are busier than ever and at the same time drained of energy, lethargic and constantly dissatisfied with our lives despite the easy access to everything we crave. Instead of opting for a quick fix such as seeking escape from reality and ego boosts in cyberspace, try yoga, meditation, spa and massage: the lore of the ancient civilizations, alternative medicine and relaxation techniques may help restore the passion for life we are so much lacking in.

Physical and mental health are not a short-lived task – they are a project for a lifetime, and they take years to build and reinforce. Seeking relief through modern-day no-hassle solutions may only aggravate your condition– because it was brought about by the self-same pattern of conditioning. Instead of instant gratification and easy fixes, slow down and turn to inner peace and balance for all the answers you need – we guarantee you will be amply rewarded.

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