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Please do not skim, glance or simply rush through these guidelines. This is not a blog post. You must be clear on what our guidelines are. If you submit a post to us that does not match our guidelines, we will not reply to your submission.

Free Guest Post Guidelines

How long should posts be?

We require all submitted guest posts are a minimum of 1,000+ words in length.

Can I submit a post that’s already been published?

Sorry, but we do not publish duplicate content.

 What should posts be about?

Posts can be about anything related to self improvement, but must fit within one of our categories. Our categories are as listed:

Spiritual Philosophy, Psychology, Creativity, Health & Wellness, Education, News (helpful), Blogging, Business, Children, Apps, How To, Mental Health & Illness, Personal Development, Around The World (Travel), Technology and Home Improvement.

Do I have to include images?

We’d prefer that you include some royalty free images with your guest post contribution – we will make a featured image for your post.

Can I include my own links?

We allow you to link out to several places as you’d like, as long as the links support your article. BUT, we do not allow links that lead to a site that sells a product or service (even if you’re an Amazon affiliate) in free guest posts. You would need to purchase a sponsorship in order to add commercial links. If you add a commercial link anyway, your request will be ignored.

Do I get an author profile?

Yes, upon your second published guest post to us, we will make you an author box on our site. Author box will come with your social media links, brief bio, image, website (if any) and will be linked to all of your articles with us. We will also grant you access to stats of your post. Anything less than two guest posts, we can still credit you as the author and publish a brief bio about you.

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