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fun things to do at home with your familyThere’s no denying that, with everything your average adult has on their plate during the day, it’s difficult to make quality time for family activities. In fact, according to research from Gallup, the average American no longer works a standard 40-hour week, but rather a 47-hour one, meaning it’s often difficult to find time to head to the park or a baseball game with your kids—or even a leisurely dinner out with your spouse. The good news? There are plenty of great ways to enjoy your family’s company without spending a ton of money or time you don’t have. Whether you call NYC condos or a farmhouse in the country home, these fun activities are sure to bring your family closer in no time.

Fun Things To Do At Home

With Your Family

fun things to do at home with your family

Have a family sleepover

Want to get in some good bonding time with your kids? Try hosting a family sleepover. If they have play tents, bring them into your bedroom (or just set up a makeshift fort next to your bed) and spend some time reading together, eating s’mores, and telling spooky stories under the covers. After watching a movie together, you can all curl up and nod off to sleep, hoping that late bedtime means they’ll actually sleep in the following day.

Implement a board game night

If you’re eager to spend some bonding time with your family, try implementing a regular game night. Whether your preferred game is Scrabble, Scattergories, Trivial Pursuit, or something like Chutes and Ladders or Candyland, getting together for a fun game can make all the difference in how close you and your kids are in the long run. In fact, experts suggest that playing board games is a great way for families to bond and provides the perfect time to catch up about everything going on at school or work without making your kids feel like they’re subject to an interrogation.

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Prepare dinner together

Whether you’re a novice chef or are so skilled behind the burners that you’re pretty sure you could win Top Chef, there are few better ways to bond with your family than cooking up a great meal in the kitchen. And while talking with your spouse and kids as you sauté that spinach or pan-sear those chicken breasts is a fun way to spend time together and improve your emotional health as it is, it’s also good for your physical health. In fact, according to a study published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, those who frequently ate home-cooked meals consumed more fruits and vegetables during the course of a week than those who frequently relied on takeout.

Play Twister

While your dream workout (and life) might include stepping out of your Miami waterfront condo to join a yoga class on the beach, in real life, you might be staring down a duplex during a frigid Chicago winter looking for any excuse to move your body. If you want to get in a fun workout and spend time with your family in one fell swoop, try playing a game of Twister with your spouse and kids. While it can be physically challenging, the game is mostly just good fun, and a great way to have a laugh with your little ones.

Have a karaoke party

Even if you’re not exactly Adele behind the mic, breaking out your karaoke set (or downloading a karaoke app) and singing to your heart’s content is a great way to spend some quality time with your family. Sure, your neighbors might eventually start complaining after hearing you belt out your pitchy rendition of “Someone Like You” for the hundredth time, but watching your kids double over in laughter as you do it is worth all the embarrassment.

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Set up a sundae bar

While healthy living may be your priority most days, there’s something to be said for indulging from time to time. When you want to treat yourself and your family members at home, surprise them with a sundae bar. Set up ice cream, fruit, sprinkles, and whipped cream and consume your treats in front of one of your family’s favorite films.

Make salt dough ornaments for the holidays

Looking for a great way to bond and make some last-minute holiday gifts for your friends and extended family members? Make a batch of salt dough ornaments with your family members. Simply combine the ingredients, roll them out like you would traditional cookie dough, cut them with cookie cutters, make a small hole at the top for a thread or ribbon, and bake them at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour. Once they’re cool, you can start customizing them with paint, glitter, and other accessories. Check out a quick and easy recipe for the dough here.

Just because you don’t have all the time in the world doesn’t mean you can’t make time to spend with your family. There are tons of great activities you and your family can accomplish right in the privacy of your own home that will make you feel more connected than ever. Before you try to make quality time a marathon event, try out these fun ways to spend time together instead—your whole family will be happier for it in the long run.

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