If you are like most modern techies, your mobile phone is your television, your stereo, your game console, your business control station, and your social network all wrapped into one. In fact, it even guides you around town with voice responsive GPS app. Provided you do not misplace your favorite stylus, your mobile device should help you manage your daily routine perfectly. Oh, and let us not forget that in the cold months it is nice to use your mobile device to turn your car on from inside your home. This way you can get everything all toasty warm before heading out on the road. It is enough to make mobile device users wonder what the future of mobile phone has to offer. With that in mind, let us fast forward into the future and take a look.

The Intelligent Mobile Device

As the world of computing becomes more sophisticated, the level of intelligence in programming standards will inevitably be forced to follow suit. Apps will tend to be more engaging and intuitively anticipate what the user wants to achieve. In many cases, the app will accomplish the tasks you want, before you even know you need a task carried out. Should this surprise you? Not at all. It is just a taste of what all this mobile phone -based evolution is leading towards.

The Memory And Processing Expansion

It is not simply your mobile devices that are getting smaller and faster, memory chips themselves are getting smaller and faster too. According to a 2014 report from Venturebeat, it is possible to make dense, high performance memory chips the size of a stamp. These chips, which carry a terabyte of data each, can be stacked to make the need to buy extended memory an outdated practice in the mobile device industry. With many terabytes of rapid response memory at your mobile devices disposal, your mobile device may achieve supercomputer status quicker than you think.

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The Future of Mobile Payment Options

One of the amazing breakthroughs with mobile devices is their ability to allow consumers to easily pay for items on the go. The need to even handle physical money is rapidly becoming an antiquated idea. Whether you are paying with an electronic check, using a line of credit, or passing crypto-currency from an e-wallet, it is a breeze paying with your phone for goods & services thanks to mobile payments. For those who imagine a cashless society is a far fetched idea, it should be noted that a report from Cointelegraph.com reveals how Sweden is on the fast track to become the worlds first country to move away from a cash-based medium of monetary exchange.

Rethinking the Neighborhood Watch

With millions of cameras going up everywhere in major cities around the world, it is only a matter of time before anyone can monitor their own neighborhood from the comfort of their living room couch. With an app connecting people with on-site cameras, the neighborhood watch of the future will be far easier to orchestrate. Teams of local residents can watch the streets and report any unusual or illegal activities to their local authorities. This improvement in neighborhood security will in turn reduce the need to spend massive amounts of money and resources on patrolling communities to fight crime; hence, mobile devices will end up being useful in reducing taxes appropriated to beef up security within communities.

Portable Education

Another advantage of using mobile devices comes in the area of education. Simply as a result of being able to stream courses to students anywhere, the need for expensive, bulky, tax-wasting buildings to house massive volumes of students ends up becoming another area where mobile devices will help to cut the fat. In addition, students will be able to learn at their own pace, making education more accessible and relevant. This will in turn keep students at the edge of the learning curve and help them to track their progress with respect to others of their grade level. Parents will also find it easier to be automatically updated as to their children’s progress.

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The future of mobile devices will bring about increasing changes to how people live their lives. From changes in the intelligence of applications to changes in how we work and attend school, mobile devices literally put the future in the palm of our hand. While some of these advancements will be achieved in the not so distant future, it is important to recognize that the groundwork necessary for putting these advancements in place is already on its way.

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