Family vacations can be the best and the worst times away from home. There are many things that can go wrong, but if you organized well enough those potential disasters will be melted away in the sea of good time and wonderful memories that you will be making with your family. Family vacations are those things that make the first and the dearest memories of your children. Therefore, you need to do all in your power to make them the best organized vacations in their life. You owe that to them and to yourself. Here are the things that you need to do to plan it all successfully.


Many things depend on your choice of destination. Also, the destination itself depends on your family’s desires, affinities and expectations. Also, it depends on the number of kids in your family and their age. If you have really small kids, bringing them on the plane or exposing them to the adventure of days and days of car drive is just cruel. If the kids are too small for the plane then make sure that your destination is a day of drive the most. Everything above that will turn into a nightmare. Furthermore, imagine what you expect from your holiday and avoid party centers if you want rest or urban area if you like to hike. Circle the area on the map that covers the range of miles you can reach for a day’s drive and find something there. If you have older kids, you have far more options.

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Before opting for a place to stay ask about some of their policies. Make sure that they admit pets into their premises if you are taking Fido with you. If you are going by car, make sure that the accommodation has a parking. If you are planning to rent the entire suit and have all your family at one place, make sure that they have enough beds in the suit. The entire family might be a bit expensive to place into a hotel, so consider other options like hostels, which can be very good. Also, there are some sites that allow you to rent somebody else’s flat or house at a reasonable price and stay there. All those options should be considered, depending on your family.


If the kids are big enough, sit with them and make a list for them what to pack. Sure, you will have to go through their bags one more time and check all that, but you will teach them how to pack. It is always good to have one big list of all the things that are about to get packed. If you are a control freak and you love labels, you can even make bag inventories with things that are inside. These are very handy when you have your young one crying their eyes out because they want their favorite toy and you just cannot remember which bag you put it in.


If you have chosen to drive, you need to make a very detailed map. It is all about enjoying the trip, but it is also about keeping your kids satisfied. Calculate the time you need before lunch and choose the restaurant on your way for your lunch and dinner. Also, make sure that you are close to gas stations and motels, as your kids will need toilet breaks and simple ‘away from the car’ breaks as well. Keep that in mind when picking the route.

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Now that you know where and when you are going, you need to agree on the transport. Plane is the easiest and the most expensive way. Many families choose car rides to the closer destinations. However, you need to check the condition of your car before going on the way. The best is to let the professionals check all about the car. Have spare tyres handy, even if they are cheap. Being cheap doesn’t have to mean that they are bad.

Careful planning will relieve you of much stress along the way. Traveling with kids is always a bit stressful, but making everything organized will give you more time to enjoy and have some quality time with your family in a completely different setting.

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