There is nothing more sexy than being confident in your own skin. When you are truly confident with who you are and the body that you have, you just glow from within because you aren’t worried about how you look through other people’s eyes, you already know that you are beautiful and a one of a kind.

But if you have ever struggled with your image, which who hasn’t at some point, then you know that it isn’t as easy as it sounds to love yourself. Particularly those who have suffered from skin problems. We are about to give you the tips that you need to let you inner goddess shine through! The secret to achieve the best skin of your life is by following the best skin care routine.

Cleanse daily

You absolutely must cleanse your skin every day, this is at the top of the list because it’s just that important. If you allow dirt, oil, and dead skin cells to remain on your skin then you are dooming it. The substances will burrow into your pores and you will not be happy with the pimples and dull complexion that they will cause once they have made their way deeper into your skin. Don’t go crazy and start washing your face four or five times a day because that will strip your skin. Washing your face when you wake up in the morning and before bed is the perfect amount.

Tone Daily

You should also make sure that you are toning your face twice a day. You may be what exactly the point of a toner is? Well, while many people think that it is a superfluous step it can make a drastic difference in the state of your skin. It gets rid of any lingering dirt, oil, and makeup on the skin and if you are using a ph balanced toner, which you should be, then it restores the balance of your skin.

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So what is ph balance and how does it affect the skin? The ph balance in your skin is the ratio of alkaline and acid in the skin. The ph of the skin is measured on a scale of zero to fourteen. Zero is the highest amount of acidity and fourteen is the highest amount of alkaline. The safe zone for your skin is between four point five and five point five. When the skin is too acidic it becomes very sensitive and prone to irritation. When it is too alkaline the skin has a tendency to become very dry and takes on a haggard appearance. Using a ph balanced toner restores the health and radiance of your skin.

Moisturize every day

You should also be certain that you are moisturizing every day. It is so important to moisturize the skin. It keeps the skin plump, full, and free from dryness. This boosts the natural beauty of your skin and it also helps to balance the amount of oil that your skin releases, preventing you from looking overly oily. Having a bit of a glow is something that we all want, but you don’t want your skin to look like you dumped oil all over it. Many people avoid moisturizer for this reason but by skipping out on moisturizer they are prompting the opposite effect. Your skin reacts to its state of health. If it is dry then it will send signals to release more and more oil to make up for the dryness.

Use the best products

Make sure that you are using quality products on your skin. This may mean that you need to spend a bit more money and it may not. As long as you are using the best skin care brand with the best ingredients and effects for your skin then you are set. But don’t pick up the product with the lowest price regardless of the effect it has on your skin. In the long run the health of your skin and your confidence will start to drop. Make yourself educated on every single product that you use on your skin. Don’t just trust the front label, dig a little deeper into the product and its ingredients. You don’t have to be a skin care professional to be informed.

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Healthy skin is sensual skin. But to achieve healthy skin you are going to have to put in work and effort. You must cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin twice a day every single day if you want to protect and preserve your skin. You also need to be using great products that react well with your skin type and provide you with the results that you demand. You may not see a dramatic difference in your skin overnight, but if you stay dedicated to your skin care routine you will eventually see a big change in the health and beauty of your skin.


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