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With the economic crisis all around us for years, and the job market constantly changing, vibrating and reshaping, many people lose their jobs and see that as the end of the world, but an adventurous spirit sees this present day situation as a happy hunting ground of opportunities. However, deciding to go out hunting for your dream job is one thing, and no matter how long it took you to make that decision you must realize that it was the easy part; what is before you is a true struggle and you must think big and be ready to start all over. If you are ready to change your life, we offer you a few tips you should do to make the process easier.

Face the truth

You might be one of those people who are deeply dissatisfied with their job and see yourself turned out into a solider fighting difficulties and trying to survive, it might be a good idea to think about changing something. Be careful, though, with this step; if you are tired of the working hours and same old tasks, you could simply change the company you are working for and find a different one. Nevertheless, if your dissatisfaction is deeper than that and you end up all drained and run-over after each day, it’s probably time for drastic measures.

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 Head for a new direction

This next step may seem like an easy one, but it is not so. You should think about all the good things you do and feel happy doing, and write them down. This means that you should include your hobbies, passions and certain parts of your current job you enjoy as well. This being done, try to think about which of those things could you be doing for profit? This is a thin line between pragmatism and self-indulgence some people call ‘pragmatic passion’. If you are an extrovert, choose a job which will allow you to contact many people, but if you are an introvert, opt for something with less self-promotion.

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Invest in your business education 

No matter how old you are and how experienced you are, you should always continue to learn, especially if you decide to get some business education that will open doors to many jobs out there. There will always be things you are not at all familiar with and which stay unclear to you, and that is completely normal. Learning is the key to having an open mind and being able to do your job better. Qualifications and certification are essential because companies like to know that you really are competent in a certain area.

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Remember that your CV is important

Even if you are tired of your old nine-to-five job and are looking for a place in the outdoor and adventure-sports industries who are hiring, thinking that your CV is useless is wrong. Even if you choose to present yourself with a video or a product prototype, a strong cover letter is still required. Be concise and short, filter out information and keep what’s important; nobody likes having to go through a six-page résumé.

Getting your dream job may sound unattainable, but you should not give up without even trying. If you think things through and carefully prepare in advance, you will be able to make a move and be confident about it. Before you know it, you will hold a job that will be everything you ever hoped it would be, giving you much more than just financial security.

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