Life is filled with endless possibilities and the freedom to create and achieve whatever we can imagine. However, it can also be overflowing with suffering and overwhelming stress. Why the two extremes and how can we choose the positive rather than the negative? Ultimately it comes down to whether you choose to live your life according to the demands and delusions of the ego or in alignment with your soul. Choosing to live according to the soul provides you with infinite possibilities and the peace, passion and purpose that you long for. Conversely, being dragged along by the ego results in stress, conflict and much less desirable consequences. It all comes down to a conscious decision that we certainly have control of.

We must simply slow down and explore the inner recesses of our being.

love-1200389_1280Ego and Soul

We are very familiar with both our ego and our soul. We come in contact with them daily. Our ego is that voice within us that demands everything, is never satisfied, and pulls us along a path that is difficult and filled with obstacles. The ego is not our true self. Our soul is the deep, profound, and infinitely tranquil place within us that knows nothing but empathy, love, compassion and truth. The soul is our genuine being.

5 Vital Questions

I will ask five distinct questions that will help you to decide whether you are tapped into your soul or feeding into the ego’s illusion. This will help you to slow down and venture into your inner world in order to make some important decisions concerning your continued journey of life. As discussed above it is your choice how you live, however I do believe you would rather follow the guidance of your soul instead of suffering along with your ego.

  • Unity or Separation? Are you connecting with other human beings or do you separate yourself from the world? All living beings are very similar in many ways and it is imperative that we embrace this and create a unified race. Our minds love to judge, exclude, feel superior or inferior, and separate ourselves in any possible way we can. However, all this ego stuff does is create conflict and further separate us from humanity as a whole. We really all desire the same things in life; we wish to eliminate suffering in our lives and find peace and happiness. This is the basis of our connection to others and uniting as one human family. When living according to our soul we do not look for ways to separate ourselves; we look for ways to connect and love one another.
  • Complaints or Gratefulness? Are you grateful for what you have or do you complain about not having enough? Our soul is content and appreciative of what we have and embraces the gifts that are available to us. When governed by the ego we have a tendency to whine and crave more and more and more. Our ego is insatiable. The ego’s path for you is to endlessly seek happiness outside of yourself which in turn guarantees that you will never be pleased. It’s an eternal cycle of delusion. Living according to the soul means that we always have everything we need and most importantly we are grateful to be alive. In reality someone always has it worse and the soul has compassion for this fact and realizes how fortunate we are to be living in luxury compared to many others. When we awaken our understanding and compassion we are mindful of those people who may not even know where their next meal is coming from or if they can access clean drinking water. Our gratitude list is infinite when we choose to abide in the appreciation of the soul.
  • Resistance or Flexibility? Do you resist change in your life or do you realize that change is inevitable and part of the process of spiritual growth and development? Change is the only constant in life and our soul realizes the impermanence of everything in the universe. Our ego consistently seeks control and tends to resist change and anything that interrupts its existence. Control is the ego’s greatest game and it will fight to the end. This constant fight only causes more suffering for you. Living according to the soul allows you to live with the flow of life rather than constantly battling it. This in turn gives you great peace and equanimity.
  • Selfishness or Compassion? Is everything about you or are you compassionate toward humanity? The ego limits our focus and desires to convince us that we are the center of the universe. It’s all about your success, your feelings and your life. Compassion for all human beings stems from your connection to others and the understanding that every human being wants and deserves to eliminate suffering in their life and we need each other to accomplish this. You are just like everyone else and when you begin to realize this you begin to demonstrate compassion for all human beings. This compassion leads to a genuine intention to help others eliminate suffering and experience peace and happiness. When you make the decision to truly care about others and help them in any way possible you begin to unleash the power of your soul and manifest incredible things in the universe.
  • Past and Future or Now? Do you devote a majority of your time regretting the past and worrying about the future or do you live in the bliss of the present moment? Living in the confines of the ego traps you in the illusion of the past and the future. Your ego dies when you shine the light of the NOW upon it. In reality the only moment you ever have is the Now. There is no such thing as the past or the future, however the ego stays alive by convincing you that there is. The ego will go to any length to keep you trapped in this delusion in order to avoid its death. Our infinite soul only knows presence and thrives in the vast ocean of the Now. Embrace the Now and you will truly know what it is to be genuinely alive and to not merely exist. Right Here, Right Now is the most vital moment of your life. The totality of life simply consists of this unique and eternal moment.
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How Do I Get Rid of the Ego?

So you may be asking, “How do we make this vital transition from living genuinely according to the soul rather than being imprisoned by our deluded and demanding ego?” Well, it truly is not difficult and I want nothing more than you to experience the ecstasy of being guided by your magnificent Soul. Right Now, simply begin focusing and becoming aware of the ego in your life and how it manifests itself. Just watch it and become the witness of its behavior. This part of you that becomes the watcher is the pure consciousness of your soul. Tap into this part of you and allow it to spread throughout your being. Be mindful as much as possible and continue to gently remind yourself to come back to this powerful presence. This is the presence you want to guide you in each moment. You will notice at times that your ego will become more demanding and appear stronger. This is okay. It is part of the process. You are not trying to block your ego or throw it away. You are going to make friends with it and gently let it know that you hear its little child-like voice making demands and having tantrums, however you have decided to live according to the soul today. This is a daily practice but you will notice that it gets much easier as you continue.

i-amGo and Do It!

Now you are ready to experience the eternal journey of your Soul. This is a journey of freedom and unlimited possibility. You will experience connection to everyone and everything in this Universe. Go forth and bask in the abundance of your soul and change the world in the process.

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