Everyone dreams of having a few extra hours in the day for relaxation, family time and exercise. You may not be able to get those extra hours, but there are many ways you can include fitness into your busy lifestyle. By learning how to fit fitness into your busy routine, you can protect your health, get in shape and have a better outlook on life.

The CDC reports that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week and, at least, two days of strengthening exercises. This amount can be broken down; however, to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise, you must do it for at least 10 minutes at a time. Any shorter will not help strengthen your heart and lungs. Moderate aerobic activity includes walking fast, riding a bike, playing tennis or mowing the lawn. Examples of strength training exercise include weightlifting, heavy gardening (shoveling or hoeing), using resistance bands, yoga and exercises such as sit-ups or push-ups that use your own body weight for resistances. Also, there is no alternative of healthy food and supplements to increase energy and stay fit. Here are a few ways to incorporate physical activities into your already busy life.

Break Down Your Workout Time

Getting as little as thirty minutes of aerobic exercise five days a week will net you the 150-minute recommendation. But, what if you don’t have thirty free minutes each day to exercise? You break it down into smaller bite size pieces. Set your alarm to get up 10 minutes early and get your heart pumping by dancing for ten minutes before jumping in the shower in the morning. Then, take 10 minutes of your lunch break and briskly walk. Finally, after dinner get outside and do some yard work to get the remaining 10 minutes of exercise you need.

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On the other two days a week, break your strength training into three 10 minute segments. Follow the same schedule as with the aerobic exercises. Ten minutes in the morning to do some sit-ups or push-ups. At lunch, do some leg lifts for ten minutes. While you are cooking dinner, grab a couple of large cans and do some arm curls while dinner is cooking.

As you can see, it is quite easy to get in the exercise you need by breaking your workout routine down into small bite sized chunks. Use these techniques and find other ways to incorporate exercise into your day-to-day life.

Use a Standing Desk

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A standing desk is a great way to keep moving while working on projects. These desks are elevated and allow you to stand while you work. While you are standing, you can do leg lifts, calf rotations, lunges and a variety of leg exercises. This is the perfect set up for those who work a desk job. It allows you the opportunity to stand and work or pull up a chair and work.

Find Ways to Get in More Exercise

Do you have a hobby that you enjoy? There are many hobbies that will get you the exercise you need. For example, if you enjoy playing baseball or basketball, you could join a park, recreational or a church league. These leagues allow you to meet new people, relieve stress and get more exercise. One of the main benefits of these leagues is that the competition is fierce, yet friendly. Most leagues practice in the evenings a couple of days a week. Games are generally limited to one night or one Saturday a week. Other ways you can get more exercise include taking up a hobby such as gardening, tennis or golf. All of these will help you get active and moving.

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Technology has grown exponentially in the last twenty years. With this technology came an increase in a sedentary lifestyle. This, coupled with our fast paced world has made it difficult to find the time to exercise regularly. However, there are numerous ways busy people can get fit, including breaking down your exercise goals into bite sized chunks, using a standing desk, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, enjoying a sport and exercising while you are working. All of these can be used to help you get the recommended 150 minutes of exercise each week.

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