Everyone knows that there is risk for heavy consumption of alcohol. Anything for that matter can be consumed in excess and lead to health problems. What most don’t realize or at least overlook is what type of effects actually occur, when you over indulge in alcohol drinking. It is usually around the holidays and special occasions that people get carried away with the amount of alcohol they consume, while some go on an alcohol binge every weekend.

Normally, the negative side to drinking is either getting behind the wheel of a vehicle or having cirrhosis of the liver. Although this may be at the top of most people’s list, there are numerous other health issues that can also follow. There was a research done that showed over 60 different diseases being caused by alcohol abuse. This alone places the use of alcohol in a totally different light.

Although there are more than 60 different diseases, we will look at 7 major risks that will cause you to think twice about having one too many glasses.


This is shocking for a lot of people. Cancer has been the topic of discussion in health for the past 10 years or more. But usually whenever the word is mentioned, we instantly turn to cigarettes. Only recently have we viewed other areas as being a source of cancer, which even includes the foods we eat. Cancer has become Public Enemy #1 in the world of health. You wouldn’t wish it on your enemy, let alone want to find out that someone you know and love has been diagnosed with the disease. You may be questioning how alcohol abuse can be cancerous.

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Scientists have predicted that once you consume alcohol, the body has to convert it into acetaldehyde, which is a potent carcinogen. Carcinogen is a tissue, which is a direct agent in the creation of cancer. Some areas that cancer can develop are the colorectal region, esophagus, breast, mouth, liver, larynx, and pharynx. And for a one, two punch knockout, use tobacco along with heavy alcohol consumption and increase your cancer risks even higher.


There is the famous saying of “the brain is not sharp as it used to be.” Part of the reason comes from how a person’s brain changes, over a lifetime. Every decade, the human brain shrinks and loses approximately 1.9%. This is considered a normal depletion for the human brain, but the loss only increases with heavy drinking and the effects are on certain areas of the brain. This is what leads to various symptoms of dementia, such as memory loss. Those that excessively drink also have bouts with solving problems, making judgments, and performing other types of executive function. Important nutrients are loss, which can lead to various types of dementia as well.


It is known that excessive drinking impairs your ability to make sound decisions, which is why it can also cause seizures. This is definitely one reason why those with epilepsy should be cautious about consuming alcohol. But those that don’t have epilepsy are at risk of having a seizure, because of the effects on your mind. If you take prescriptions to treat convulsions, alcohol consumption can alter the effectiveness of the prescription.

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It is not unusual to see or hear depression and alcohol in the same sentence. But, it is normally believed that alcohol is the end result of depression; not the other way around. Many people believe that the mental impairment of alcohol abuse is what helps someone that is battling with depression. Research has shown that heavy drinking is what leads to depression. It has been stated that people that battled with depression improved, once they stop excessively drinking.

Damage to nerves

When it comes to excessive drinking, every area of the brain is at risk. In order for a person to have a “buzz” or have a “feeling”, a large amount of alcohol is needed. Whether it be the number of beers or the potency of the drink, a change occurs in the nerves. This damage is called alcoholic neuropathy. It can generate sudden points of pain and numbness within the extremities, which includes constipation, muscle weakness, and erectile dysfunction. One of the biggest reasons for alcoholic neuropathy is due to how toxic the alcohol is to your nerve cells.

High blood pressure

Starting from the nervous system, the alcohol can cause a disruption that causes problems in the dilation and constriction of your blood vessels. This usually stems from exertion, temperature, stress, etc. Excessive drinking can lead to an increase in your blood pressure. If this occurs on a constant basis, the effects could become chronic.


Your red blood cells that carry oxygen can become abnormally low, due to excessive drinking. When this happens, you can have a shortness of breath, lightheadedness, and fatigue, which is known as anemia.

Written by:

Paul Gilbert

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