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healthy foods for diabetics

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Whether you have type A or type 2 diabetes, the diet that you should adhere is just the same. You should only consume only low or no-sugar foods. Diabetes is a hard-to-cure disease. Once you discovered that you have this in your system, the best thing that you can do is to regulate your blood sugar level. Of course, that would directly fall to the type of food that you are eating. In this post, we will share with you 6 fantastic and healthy foods for diabetics.

Healthy Foods

For Diabetics

healthy foods for diabetics

1. Broccoli

healthy foods for diabetics

It is undeniable that broccoli is among the few vegetables out there that can hamper and deter the effects of diabetes. This particular veggie is rich in sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a compound that activates the anti-inflammatory mechanisms of your body, which results in the efficient control of blood sugar. They can also protect the blood vessels of your body from potential cardiovascular damage as caused by this disease.

2. Sweet Potatoes

Some studies have already proven the positive effects of sweet potatoes in controlling your blood sugar level. Specifically, the food can curtail the HbA1c level of your blood by around 0.30% to 0.56%. This means that it can regulate the sugar production in your body. Potatoes are also a good source of anthocyanins. They are naturally-occurring pigmentations that have great anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial capacities. But first, you must secure if the potatoes that you are going to eat are fresh or not.

3. Spinach

Popeye would not not eat this food if it did not boost his physique and muscular strength. But of course, spinach is more than just a vitality booster. When it comes to diabetes, this food can become the great equalizer. If you have been consuming spinach for a long time already, there is a good chance that you won’t develop diabetes at all. Take note that those individuals who eat at least one serving of spinach everyday lessen their diabetes risk factor by 14%. That’s pretty significant already!

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4. Cinnamon

It is not a known fact that this spice is also an effective agent in controlling your diabetes. Several studies already confirmed that people who have type 2 diabetes could easily slash down their sugar level by 30% if they consume at least one gram of cinnamon on a daily basis! The reason for this is quite simple. Cinnamon has a chromium content. It is a mineral that optimizes the performance of insulin.

5. Olive Oil

If you are into a Paleo diet or any Mediterranean diet, you are probably veering away from the risk of having diabetes. After all, these diets encourage the use of olive oil. Olive oil has been proven to reduce the development of type 2 diabetes, by as high as 50%. It is also rich in various antioxidants, which can counter the adverse effect of cell damages and heart disease that can be caused by diabetes.

6. Fish

Fish is the meat for people with diabetes. The food has a high protein content, which makes you feel that you are full. As a result, it can tone down your cravings for sweet foods, too. Fish also contain several types of fat that can ease inflammation. If your body has no inflammation, the chances of regulating and slowing the effects of diabetes are great.


Diabetes is a serious and fatal disease. If not treated right, it can drastically ruin your life and the people around you. Fortunately, you can easily control the spread of this disease by having a healthy lifestyle and diet. These healthy foods for diabetics that I’ve featured here are some of the options that you can take if you want to regulate the blood sugar level of your body.

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