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high black forestHave you ever read a fairy tale? There are dense forests with long trees, lots of hiking and walking tracks, sunlight and rain altogether and beautiful scenic views. Well, that’s where you are about to enter. If you are planning a trip to the high black forest, you will need to know details about the place.

The name of the High Black Forest is Schwarzwald in the German language. The trees in the woodlands are so dense and thick, with a variety of pine and fir, that it is impossible for the sunlight to enter into the forest. Thus, it got its name High Black Forest. The forest is situated in the South of the Germany crossing the Lake Constance and ends at the border of Switzerland.

The forest has a lot to offer; the scenery is breathtaking, the calm lakes and rivers stretching towards the natural landscapes and high mountain peaks which are distinguished with small wooden huts and surrounded by nature. It is also referred to as cuckoo clock due to the echoing sounds of the cuckoos which seem like music to the ears.

Places To Visit in The

High Black Forest

Apart from the scenic beauty in which one can dwell for days and days, there are many beautiful places to visit in the Black Forest.


high black forestThis is a must visit place. It has the famous castle which was built back in the 14th century, which took years to complete. It is a place filled with rich culture and heritage with a natural bridge to cross and enjoy the view of the forest.


Those with an artistic nature and lovers of cars should visit this place when on vacation to the Black Forest. It has Mercedes and Porsche museums and art galleries.


This place is named on the same lake. It is a beautiful site to enjoy and with the most popular resort to reside.


This town is equipped with the most modern facilities for tourists to enjoy. The town is built in an old-fashioned style along the 14th century with the culture of rich woodworking and woodlands. It has many buildings and resorts and is known as the land of spas. The place also sports a high-end casino.

Travelling Tips

There area a lot of things to consider when moving to the land of High Black Forest. This is truly a vacation spot for people, couples, friends and families to enjoy. Here are a few tips to see and things to carry when on vacation.

  • On vacation, bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes as there are much hiking and walking tracks so if one set becomes damaged, you have an extra set.
  • Make sure to carry light weight clothes as in the summers the sun’s rays are stronger and can penetrate even through the clouds. Also, carry a fleece jacket and a rain jacket, as the temperatures are very fluctuating and the nights become colder, and it can rain at anytime, even while you are hiking.
  • Don’t forget to carry your swimming gears as there are many natural lakes for a dip. Swimming is the best activity there.
  • Make sure you pre-book your accommodation as finding suitable resorts can be a hassle. Find an accommodation in town as they are cheaper.
  • The restaurants and cuisines are very expensive, so try to buy food from the local huts and local stalls. The villages have delicious homemade and inexpensive food available. Also, don’t forget to buy the local fruits from the local farms and villages.
  • Don’t forget to carry mosquito repellents for insects and sun blocks as the sun rays are very dangerous.
  • Also, if you plan to mostly hike; then, carry extra food and water in backpacks for children and yourself.
  • Don’t forget to get carry a high quality camera to take lots of pictures of the scenery and nature. There are many natural lakes, mountain areas, greenery and rivers, and also buy lots of souvenirs for family and friends.

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