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home features that are overlookedPicking the right place to call home can be a difficult decision, even for the most decisive adults out there. In fact, there are so many details that make an apartment, townhouse, or house a home that it’s hard for most people to decide what to put on their must-have list. However, considering that your home is the place you’ll spend more time than anywhere else, it’s well worth settling on a place that you truly love—and one that has all the extras that make living there for the long run feel worth it. That said, it’s not just granite counters, stainless steel appliances, and en suites that can take you from “like” to “love” on that home or apartment you’ve been eyeing. In fact, there are countless home details that often go overlooked that can make or break your enjoyment of your space over time. Before you sign on the dotted line, consider seeking a home with these charming features:

Home Features That Are Overlooked

home features that are overlooked

Built-in bookcases

Whether you consider yourself a bibliophile or not, having built-in bookcases can make a major difference in how much you enjoy your home over time. Even if you don’t have a lifetime’s worth of books to add to the shelves in your home, built-ins can solve another problem for you: clutter. According to researchers at UCLA, clutter is a major contributor to psychological stress, and can instantly make your everyday life just a bit worse, chipping away at your health and happiness over time. However, features like built-in bookcases and shelving, which give you a place to store some of those otherwise home-cluttering items without adding yet another piece of furniture to our space, can solve your clutter problem, leaving you with a clean home and a clear head in no time.

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Private balconies

Having outdoor space of any kind can be a serious boon to either a homeowner or renter, but in major cities, the odds you’ll find yourself enjoying a back yard attached to your apartment are slim. Fortunately, there is one kind of often-overlooked home detail that you’ll find in buildings like 800 Fifth Avenue that more than makes up for limited greenery: a private balcony. Even if you’re in an urban center, research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology reveals that spending time outdoors makes people more creative, more meditative, and reduces their frustration—a pretty major mood boost gained from such a small addition to an apartment.


You may check out the design scheme in a home’s bathroom to see if it’s aesthetically-pleasing to you, but have you spent much time considering whether that bathroom is home to a shower or tub? While some lucky renters, like those at the Cobalt Lofts in Harrison, NJ, get to enjoy the relaxation of a bathtub with their rental, more often than not, if you’re not buying, you’re not getting a bathtub. Due to limited space in most rental apartments, bathrooms are itty-bitty, meaning there’s only enough room for a shower—and renters are paying the price. A study conducted at Freiburg University in Germany found that hot baths are actually as good at relieving symptoms of depression as exercise is, meaning that if your bathroom is shower-only, you might be missing out on a major mood-booster.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Take it from anyone who finds themselves feeling blue when the dark days of winter roll around: a well-lit home full of natural light, like those at Manor Riverwalk in Tampa, can make all the difference when it comes to your mood and overall affect. And while you may think the windows in a prospective home are adequate, when it starts getting dark at 3 PM, you’ll be wishing you chose the place with the floor-to-ceiling windows that bathed the whole space in sunlight during the daytime and offered stunning views at night.

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Crown moldings

It may seem like a small detail, but crown moldings are often overlooked by buyers and renters alike—but they shouldn’t be. In addition to adding an air of sophistication to any space, crown moldings draw attention toward your ceiling, making it look higher—and the room bigger as a whole—a little bit of visual trickery most people living in otherwise minimal square footage could use.

Styles come and go, but there are certain home details that will make you happy today, tomorrow, and ten years from now. Before you settle for a home that has only the obvious upgrades, like a sleek kitchen, fenced-in yard, or flashy fixtures, make sure you’re not overlooking the details that will help you enjoy the space in the long run. It’s the seemingly-minor details that make the biggest difference over time, so don’t skimp when it comes to getting what you really want: a beautiful home and years of enjoyment out of it.

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