We all know that sleep is important for our physical and mental health. But how much sleep do you actually need? It is well-known that lack of sleep is bad for health, but so is oversleeping. The amount of sleep a person needs varies through their life. There are charts that can show how much sleep do you need based on your age, workout habits and lifestyle. It is important to say that the best time to go to bed is before midnight. But sometimes, it is impossible to go to bed before midnight, especially for students who tend to study overnight or party.

There are so many reasons why students choose to study at night: it is quiet, there is no one to disturb them and they can concentrate and focus. But, there is a downside to this. It is a lack of good quality sleep. As said, the best time to sleep is during the night. So, when people sleep during the day, there are side effects. Also, it is impossible to make up sleep deprivation. The lack of sleep is the main reason why people try to catch up on their sleep and as a result they sleep too much.

How much sleep do we really need?

As said, it all depends on age and lifestyle. For example, an average adult should sleep between six and nine hours. For some people six is enough. Everything over nine hours is not recommended. So for adults, ten hours of sleep is too much.
On the other hand, teenagers should sleep between eight and ten hours. Their bodies need energy and resting, therefore they need more sleep. Again, sleeping more than ten hours is over the recommended range.

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When it comes to kids, they need at least twelve hours of good sleep. That is an average range, but for some kids, eight hours is enough. It all depends on their activities and their needs. It is unnecessary to force kids to sleep more than eight hours if they don’t feel the need for that much sleep.
Infants are the ones who sleep the most. That is a well known fact. Infant can sleep up to seventeen hours and that is completely normal for them.

These recommended hours are just a guideline. Some people need less sleep and others need more. If it is an hour more or less, that is just fine. But if an adult needs twelve hours of sleep, they should try to change that. Oversleeping is bad and it has some serious side effects. Some of them are diabetes, obesity, depression and many more. There are also death rates. People who oversleep are more likely to die before people who have normal sleep.

But, there are some cases when it is completely normal to sleep more. For example, when people are sick, and they have temperature, they feel sleepy and they need sleep. Until they become healthy again, it is okay to oversleep. Also, there are people who have sleep disorders and that is the reason why they oversleep. Everything can be treated. Oversleeping is a serious problem and anyone who has sleep problems which are not medical should try to reduce their sleep.

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