People give many answers when asked if they know How to be happy and what they do to stay that way. There may be different responses but ways on How to be happy can be summarized using only two words – self-improvement.

It is often said that happiness is a state of mind and this is true. However abundant and frequent problems may be thrown at a person, if he just looks positive and consider them as challenges that are meant to improve one’s self, they will not bring him down. External forces do not bring unhappiness toward a person, it is his reactions and thoughts that do. To be happy, one just needs to remember that negativities in the world are inevitable so trying to avoid them is just a waste of time and energy. Instead of doing that, it is best to just accept them and take proper actions so these negativities can be converted into happiness.

Yes, it is a simple enough thought and is probably easier said than done. But with constant focus, dedication, and guide to start thinking positively, one will never have to ask the question how to be happy again.

Few Tips on How to Be Happy

Caring for One’s Self

A thought that is so fundamental but is often forgotten by many people is loving and respecting yourself. When one does not love himself, it will also be difficult for others to love him. And even though no one seems to like and respect a certain person, that person should always remember that happiness stems from feeling good without actually seeking the approval of other people.

In line with feeling good about one’s self, he must also remember that he can never be happy if he pretends to be someone whom he is not. Every person is unique and generally speaking, no one is better than any other. So imitating or comparing one’s self to another person should stop immediately. When one learns to gain confidence and stops comparing himself to other people, happiness will come naturally.

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Being Mindful

Oftentimes, people get caught in the hustle and bustle of life that the simple things in life are overlooked. And in the simplicities of life, happiness grows. Honestly, how many times does one person stops along his way to work to appreciate the colorful flowers that grow on his street? How long does one listen to the chirping of the birds in the morning before he picks up his phone to check the mail. If one hurries all the time and is absorbed in a “greater” goal, he will often seek for more and will not acknowledge the happiness that is trying to penetrate his being. Instead, he will be lost, wandering aimlessly without contention.

Also related to this is living in the moment. Looking too far back in the past can motivate a person, but most of the time it gives regrets instead. On the other hand, looking too far in the future may give him goals, but it may also give anxiousness. To stick in the present moment is the best way to live because everything is experienced with passion. And to experience everything in life without fear will never remind one person the question How to be happy again because he is experiencing it now.

Having Gratitude

When life gives problems and uncertainties, people often focus on it and does not remember the things they should be thankful for. Then they ask the question How to be happy when all the time, happiness is there, if only they know how to look for it.
To develop a sense of gratitude, it would be significantly helpful to create a list of things one is grateful for and list of things that bring him down at the moment. These lists are then compared, and more often than not, the things written in the first list would have more weight than those written in the latter.

Additionally, developing a healthy sense of gratitude is a never-ending process. Commonly, people forget to be thankful when they start being happy and seeing results. This practice should stop because happiness is dispensed only after gratitude is given. So for a constant happy state of being, thankfulness and appreciation should never cease to be projected.

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Doing Something Good to Others makes you Happy

It should never be forgotten that happiness is just a result of what people think and do. One can always start caring for himself to be happy but he should also remember that other people also can make contributions in his state of happiness.

Everyone is naturally a good person. This is why people feel regret and pain when something bad is done to others. Contrastingly, this is also why people feel unexplainably happy when good deeds are done to somebody. To be happy by helping others should come naturally to everyone but frequently, this happiness is overcome by greed. When one takes the initiative to help, he should not expect something in return. Assuming that other people will give back will just give disappointments. So to be happy, one should note that the true reward in helping is seeing the reaction in the faces of the people whom he has helped.

Finding Help and Exploring Other Options

Happiness comes to every person at a different rate. Some may not have trouble finding it, but to others, happiness is hard to come by. When one is feeling desperate, it is important that you reach out to other people. You will need the help of others and their advices on happiness.

Moreover, aside from positive self-reinforcement, there is also no harm in exploring other options in your pursuit of happiness. Some examples include meditation and yoga. The mind and body are connected, and with these activities, this connection between a person’s thoughts and his body may help bring bliss and harmony to his entire being.

In this dynamic life, one of the few things that will remain unchanged are the answers to the question how to be happy because however different the situations may be, it is always you who will bring happiness into yourself.

Written by:

Duccio Manfredi

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