We all know that taking care of yourself is one of the essential components of happiness, but when it comes to happiness, it turns out that we have no idea where to start. And indeed in our free time, we usually have so many tasks to do, that seem to be much more urgent.

In fact, taking care of the needs of your own mind and body does not require a lot of time. I propose a simple 10-day plan that will help you find the way to yourself and to make life better.

Day One. Make sleeping a priority

Nothing will affect our ability to resolve a difficult situation better than a sufficient amount of sleep. When we rest enough, we are able to control our emotions better, can be more productive and find creative solutions. Unfortunately, our busy schedules often do not allow us to sleep properly.

Today, try to revise your schedule to make a healthy night’s sleep a priority.

Day Two. Drink more water

Our society has a habit of replacing the conventional drinking water with soft drinks, coffee and energy drinks. However, they often contain a large amount of sugar and promote dehydration, not hydration. But water is one of the most important components required for normal physical and mental work of our body.

Today, drink more water. Try to add to it a little lemon and mint for freshness and a detoxifying effect.

Day Three. Move more

We can all agree that exercise is beneficial. It elevates mood, reduce stress and give us energy. So why don’t we do it? The usual answer – lack of time. Then here’s the good news: for a positive result, all we need to do is exercise just for 10 minutes a day. Quite a bit of time, right?

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Today, go for a walk, get a ten-minute workout on YouTube, or simply do stretches. Whatever you choose, move more today than yesterday.

Day Four. Spend time with friends

Communication with loving people makes us happier, and there is no better way to take care of yourself than to spend time with friends. They hold our hand when we are sad, support us when we are afraid, and cause a smile in the dark ages. Do not wait for the next crisis to spend time with significant people.

Today, schedule a meeting over coffee or lunch with a close friend because it is – the right thing.

Day five. Read a book

Reading keeps our mind sharp, and thus we are better prepared for the challenges and stresses of life. Constantly learn and challenge the mind. Learning poems and historical dates will help you to develop your memory. The result will be the emergence of positive thoughts and a better outlook on life.

Today, take a book you’ve always wanted to read, and at least start to read it.

Day Six. Enjoy your hobby

Finding time for what brings you pleasure – a vivid example of taking care of yourself. Everyone feels good when doing what they love. When we talk about a hobby, we are not referring to the development of skills, but the release of stresses of the day and chaos by doing the things you love.

Today, try something that you always wanted to do or what you like – just for fun.

Day Seven. Take a picture

Photos stores memories of important moments of our lives. When we take pictures of the surrounding, we get a chance to slow down time and appreciate these moments.

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Today, take a picture of something that makes you smile.

Day Eight. Acquire serenity

Serenity helps replenish the “reserve” of our natural energy – that helps us move through life. In silence we can disconnect from the surrounding chaos and concentrate on doing simple breathing exercises – they will return optimism and concentration.

Today, find some quiet place, focus on your breathing for 5 minutes, and release your mind in “free floating”.

Day Nine. Pamper yourself

This is not a luxury but a necessity. It is important to occasionally remind ourselves that we are special and deserve better. When we treat ourselves well and we believe that we deserve it, new opportunities appear .

Today, do for yourself something special – just because you’re cool.

Day ten. Be thankful

An integral part of taking care of yourself – gratitude for all the good things in life. It changes the way of thinking and our worldview.

Today, think of all what you are grateful for. Write it down, take a picture, think about it in silence. Be thankful – one of the best ways to accept yourself and improve your life.

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