Frames were introduced as a means to safeguard and present paintings. But now people use picture frames to showcase photographs and to protect them from getting damaged. A frame also enhances the beauty in a room. With the use of photo frames important documents such as business licenses and diplomas and children’s art can easily be preserved. Frames are available in different types and in many sizes. Frames are usually made up of different types of materials but the most common among them are wood, metal or plastic.

Now that the cameras have become a part of everyday life new and unique types of frames were designed to display photographs instead of paintings. The major difference between picture frames and art frames is that picture frames comes with a thin glass or acrylic layer to protect the picture from any kind of spills, scratches or any kind of damage. The below mentioned details explain about several types of frames and how to buy picture frames at prices that fit any type of budget.

Materials used to make picture frames

Picture frames can be of different types. The material of the frame decides the cost of the frames. Usually picture frames are made up of wood, metal, plastic and acrylic. Each of these materials is discussed below.

  • Wood

Wood frames can be made of every types of wood available in the market and then it can be painted, stained, engraved or else decorated to match with individual tastes.

  • Metal

Metal frames are manufactured in a large variety of styles and these are long lasting and durable. There are metal frames that go well with any kind of home décor. Some popular metal frame types are brass, bronze, sterling and chrome.

  • Plastic and acrylic

Frames made of plastic and acrylic are very light in weight. So they are an ideal choice to be hung in areas that can’t hold up much weight.

Different types of frames

There are a wide range of picture frames available in the market for buyers. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Float frame

In a float frame there is space in between the inside opening of the frame and edges of a picture. This gives the picture a floating in air appearance. This frame also allows showcasing the natural borders of the picture.

  • Digital picture frame

In digital picture frames the screen displays not a single photograph but one or more digital images. There are some digital frames that cycle through various images and present them in sequence like a slideshow. New images can even be uploaded to put back old ones as preferred. Nowadays, these types of picture frames are available in different sizes. Some of them are only inches wide like a keychain. 

  • Shadowbox frames

This type of frames come in deep boxes with a covering of glass over the top. They are placed upright or hung in the walls like any other picture frames. They are used to showcase more than one picture at a time or a picture along with the other, related items in a collage or scrapbook form.

  • Clip frame

This type of frames are not technically frames but through this people can display pictures and are often listed as such. This frame usually consists of two thin glass sheets or any other clear materials. The photograph is placed in between and small clips are fitted over each corner to hold it in proper place. Some people prefer clip frames as the way it looks with unique types of photography or some definite décor styles. They are very fragile and should be kept away from animals or kids that may bang it over.

Though the basic purpose of a picture frame is to protect, hold and showcase photographs but there are many other factors that must be considered while shopping for picture frames. It is very important to figure out the material, size and style of the frame that suit well with the room décor in which it will be placed so that the buyers can navigate the market accordingly. So give your place an amazing expression with finding the best Picture Frames with us now. 

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