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What do you expect from reading a post from your favorite blog? The idea should be fresh, the words should be clear and catchy, and the emotions must appear from the first words. However, in most cases, you stop with the title of the post. You’ve seen it before. Or at least you saw something very close to this one. You do not even read this post and you will never share it.

Being a blogger, an active social media user or the person responsible for social accounts of the company, you need to understand how to write a post that everyone would like to share. Shareable content will enhance your marketing strategy and help you reach a bigger audience. It can push your business or blog towards success! There are several basic ideas that will discover the secrets of efficient writing. Even if you implement some of them, the noticeable changes will happen soon.

How To Create Shareable Content

1. Write for your audience

Perhaps, you want to write about cars or new phone releases. Or even give your own forecasts on upcoming sport events, but it won’t work for your content strategy if your social media page has a wedding theme. Food bloggers should write about food, restaurants, recipes, and related themes. They cannot write about everything they want if they position themselves as food bloggers. The matter is that the audience comes to their pages using certain search words. And they subscribe to the page because the posts are relevant to their searches. Stick to the key idea if you do not want to lose your readers. Besides, your followers share the content that is interesting to them. So make sure you choose the right topics and ideas.

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2. Use tips & tricks approach

Your readers have gotten tired from useless and unhelpful content. They want actionable ideas here and now. The tips & tricks approach works perfectly to attract the attention of the readers and make them share your post. The main requirement to such posts is that the content should really be helpful in solving some everyday problems.

3. Add visuals

Engaging content is not only about words. It has been proved that people pay attention to the images first and only then to the text. So if you want to attract the attention of your readers (especially in the social media), use the visuals. Scrolling Facebook with thousands of posts and notifications, we rarely read the titles. Our attention gets activated only when we see pictures or animated images. Of course, videos are also a good decision for social media especially when you do not need to click play to watch, as it is loaded automatically.

4. Engage your readers in discussion

Social media is created for discussions and talks. It will be a huge mistake not to use this feature to make your post more popular. Every post that is discussed by a significant number of people usually has a good rate of sharing. It does not mean that you need to write provocative posts, it is just enough to invite your readers to express their opinion in the comments.

5. Be emotional

Social media is the place where you can experiment with the tone of voice to provoke the emotions of your readers. The posts itself should be emotional and it should involve the emotions. Internet users do not pay attention to the non-personal and emotionless posts that constitute the bigger part of internet content.

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Of course, it is always better to rely on the positive experience and choose stories and posts that make your readers laugh. However, sometimes you can even try to introduce the posts that wake up anger.

6. Use hashtags deliberately

Hashtags can be a strong tool for content promotion in social media but they can also become the reason people do not share your posts. The deliberate usage of hashtags automatically makes the post more suitable for online media. Introduce here the main ideas and do not just tag the words that are in your post. It is better to use your own hashtags that you use for your product promotion.

Creating shareable content is the challenge that can inspire you for new ideas and a generation of unexpected solutions. If you want to stand out from the rest online – based competitors, you need to find ways that can help you create engaging and useful materials for your readers. These 6 methods on how to create shareable content will indicate to you a proper direction for your content strategy and will help you find the necessary approaches to make your content more shareable.

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