Joint pain can be greatly aggravated by the cold weather. Winter holiday comes with a lot of festivities and fun activities. It is also during the season when people plan a lot on how to improve themselves to suit well with the weather.  Apart from the skincare, humidifying and warming up the houses your joints also need some special treatment. The joints play a critical role in the body; they offer the ability to make every movement. Joint pains can hurt much but can be managed irrespective of their causes. Here are some ways with which you can curb the joint pains:

1. Try some stretching workouts

Stretching exercises come in diverse forms for joint pain relief in any part of the body. Joint pains mostly result from inflexibility and weakening of the joints. By stretching, you help improve the affected joint as well as the healthy ones. Stretching helps keep the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons strong and flexible. Moreover, stretching involves simple exercises which not only improves the joint pains, but also keep your body fit. Try to moderate the stretching workouts as stressing up the joints can further exacerbate the pains.

2. Consider physiotherapy

Your therapist will take you through the recommended therapies for your joints. With joint pains, the joints get very delicate and need to be treated with some extra care. These therapies offer a great deal of relaxation and relieving of the joint pains. Physiotherapists directly apply some pressure on the affected area for quick relief and also to help keep up the health of all the other joints. The physical therapy mainly benefits in strengthening the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles to improve the symptoms associated with joint pains.

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3. Corticosteroid injections

These injections are a form of joint pain treatments that has helped many patients cope with the condition. They are only administered by medical practitioners in cases where the joint pains go far beyond the manageable levels. The corticosteroid works well to relieve the heightened pains though the relief is short-lived. These injections also have some significant side effects which can pose great risk to worsening of the joint pains. For instance, they can bring in infections, damage the nerves or cause the tendon to get weak and also make the skin around the infected joint to get white. The injections are done directly on the affected joint to bring in quick relief.

4. Improve the joints with some supplements

Other than the exercises and other forms of treatments, some foods contain important nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are essential for improving the joint pains. These important properties can be found in form of supplements or you can get them directly from the food. Some vitamins include vitamin A, C and D. Minerals include calcium, magnesium and iron, just to mention a few. Most of the supplements serve to strengthen the joints by building up the bones, ligaments and the tendons. Including a healthy diet with either the supplements or the foods coupled with important properties for joint pains will help ease the pains and keep up your joints’ health.

5. Lose some weight

Do you have an ideal healthy weight? If no, then you should make some efforts to keep fit. Weight is not only a primary cause of joint pains, but it can also worsen the pains. Weight exerts more pressure on the joints making them weaker. Most people with weight have a big mass around the joints as in the knees, elbow or even the back. Weight is not only detrimental for the general body health, but also the health of the joints. Consider efforts which will help you burn up some fat to help improve the joint pain symptoms.

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6. Joint surgery

This is probably the last resort for everyone suffering from joint pain. Only consider surgery if all other methods have not succeeded. Surgeries are not only expensive, but they can also get risky at times. Doctors only consider them in the case of certain conditions. You do not have to consider surgery your solution this winter unless there’s nothing more that can be done. Do not make a rush decision to have a surgery. Your doctor is the one to always advice on what’s best for you and your condition. Most surgeries are only performed in case of chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.


Despite all the bad weather and the effects it comes with it, winter should always be fun. With the above methods for curbing joint pains, winters can become more bearable and enjoyable. Always remember to adopt a healthy lifestyle with healthy diet loaded with minerals and vitamins for your joints. Before embarking on any exercise, you should always consult with your physician. Some levels of exercising can get joint pains worsened. Get all your plans ready for the winter without any limitations from the joint pains!


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