Do you remember when was the last time you got frustrated at a situation that didn’t go your way or things that didn’t work accordingly? It would certainly be just a few days ago or maybe just yesterday. Just as you get angry over things, show adult tantrums and want them to work according to your way, similar is the case with children. Being unable to speak clearly and still trying to convey what they want to say, they throw tantrums too.

If you are a mother of a kid who has not yet learned to speak clearly and you have been noticing your child screaming, yelling, crying or jarring their teeth for some reason, yes they are throwing tantrums. But, before scolding them, which might be your very first reaction, understand that this attitude is a part of their development. So rather you over react, care for your young ones by taking it as a source to educate them. Don’t forget that they can’t speak clearly at this age and just like us, they need to convey their emotions through their expressions and unclear, unspoken words. It is also understood that the young ones learn with time and overcome this habit but when said it should be made a source of education, it certainly includes the fact that they should be taught manners at the same and not just leave it in the hopes that time will make them learn.

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Temper tantrums are the basic way for a child to express their frustration to the people around them. Make sure that you can figure out what your child wants? Is he crying because he is tired, sleepy or hungry? Or is it that he is being stubborn to get something he has seen while you are shopping or some toy in the child’s hand who just passed by?

There are a few solutions mentioned below that will help you tackle your child in such a situation.

Distract your child in some other activity as their attention span is very short. Redirecting them towards other things or moving them to the other room or environment will help them forget about what they cannot have.

It is important for parents to note that children are intelligent enough to feel what kind of attention they are being given. Children often throw tantrums out of this reason. Try spending quality time with your child and ensure him that he is loved.

Children get tired, sleepy and hungry soon so when you are out make sure you do not drag them to the level that they get irritated. Distracting your child towards other things at such times will be of no help then. Never complicate the problems more when your child is already throwing tantrums, understand the fact that your child needs to express something he wants, be it anything. Try getting done with your work as soon as possible.

Giving a little independency and choice to your child sometimes is helpful too. The minor choices such as to pick from the options of juices they want to have or any other eatable and making them wear what they want will make them feel they are not being forced for something. In fact this will help them to stay positive and show less tantrums.

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