While creativity can not be taught, it is certainly possible to develop. Of course, sometimes you can suddenly descend inspiration, but it will be much better if the ability to create is not a capricious guest in your home, and a constant companion. Your work will be more productive if you properly configure it to work, create for themselves a special ritual, and will not require too much from yourself. If you want to know how to be creative, read these tips.

  • The ability to put the question differently – an effective method of development of imagination, because with the change of the wording opens a huge number of possible solutions.

“What will be five plus five?” “The sum of what two numbers is equal to ten?” To the first question, there is only one answer, but the second – innumerable, especially considering the fractions and negative numbers. These two examples of simple addition are differ only in the wording.

  • Remember, absolutely everything gives you the ability to spur the flight of fancy.

Until recently, applicants of the College of All Saints in Oxford was passing “one-word test.” They both anticipated and feared That Same Essay, as it was called.

At the exam, each student turned the sheet of paper on which was written a single word – for example, “innocence”, “miracles,” “water” or “teasing.” For three hours they had to write an essay inspired by a single word.

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  • Ability to doubt in your correctness and switch from one point of view to another is necessary for the development of imagination, because in this way we call to life completely new images.

To achieve this, you can imagine how people can see the same situation differently – a child or old, beginner or expert, a local resident or a tourist, rich or poor, a giant or a midget. Each new point of view will prompt extraordinary images and ideas.

  • The ability to connect and combine original ideas and incongruous objects – an important stage in the creation of innovation and a key element of creative thinking.

To generate new ideas one needs to learn how to reorganize and regroup the old. This principle adhere to fans of Japanese art direction chindogu. Chindogu – is the creation of strange, unusual inventions through a combination of incongruous. For example, a suit for a baby with a doormat on the belly – crawling on the floor, the child simultaneously cleans the apartment. Or marked back of the shirt, so you can tell exactly where you need to scratch your back. Of course, these inventions impractical, but they can easily be the first step to creating something really useful.

  • The atmosphere affects the creative process

You can not miss a single detail, including the color of the walls, background music, and so on.. For example, studies show that red wallpaper help to concentrate attention and blue – stimulate creative thinking. The most ambitious ideas arise in the open air or in offices with high ceilings.

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To Summarize:

Spend time with creative people. The most creative people – children. Their imagination is not enclosed in a rigid framework. Try to think like them, it can help you think outside the box.

Do not worry about what other people think about your work or talent. You know more about yourself than they know.

If you have problems with creativity, look inside yourself. Everyone has creative abilities, but if you think you are not good enough to be creative, then most likely, you will not be able to develop it. Raise your self-esteem, and you will see that when you become yourself, then everything will be much easier.

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